Not That Kind of News

Let’s play good news/bad news.

Round One.

The good news: At one week late, baby “Pat” is doing grand. She passed her first post-due BPP and NST with flying colors, and doesn’t appear to be unduly large.

The bad news: At one week late, baby Pat does not appear to be going anywhere. She’s so cozy I think she might just snuggle in and make herself at home forever. I know that no baby has successfully done this in the history of humans producing other humans, but Osborns are clever. She might figure it out.

Round Two.

The bad news: I may have figured out why baby girl isn’t out yet. She clearly wants me to make her which is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

The good news: A friend saw my plight and gifted me the pattern, and we found time yesterday to fall down really hard and buy pretty yarn for it. Not just for Pat, but for Nomes too.

The bad news: I can’t cast on before I finish my socks, unless I want to break my [stupid, misguided, no-ones-making-me-do-it-but-i-can’t-help-myself] goal of getting down to one project.

Round Three.

The good news: The first of said pair of socks is done.

The bad news: Despite looking small and feeling dangerously light, I have plenty of left to finish the second one, and can’t just give them up in a fit of despair, which would be the perfect excuse to cast on tiny sheepy sweaters.

Yes, I am my own worst (and indeed, in this case, only) enemy.

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