Coming Soon to an Alpaca Festival Near You

Our shop is temporary closed, because of this awesomeness:

That’s right: Linda Jennings and Rebecca Osborn (With lots of help from other Jennings’ and Osborns) will, for the first time, be manning (womanning?) a booth exclusively for Osborn Fiber Studio. (!!!!!!)

Mom [Linda] has been dyeing like crazy. We are going to have lots of our gradiant sets there, along with plenty of Woolpaca and Meritime, patterns, sock yarn, and more.

The Festival will be at the Howard County Fairgrounds (same location as the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival), and our booth will be located in the Dining Hall. Come do your Christmas shopping, or just visit to tell Mom what an awesome job she’s doing! I imagine there will be lots of adorable alpacas to pet too. The pool’s open for whether or not Mom can resist bringing a couple home.

The festival will also include a bunch of free seminars and demonstrations. Mom is headlining with a free seminar on natural dyeing. She’s done this workshop several times now. I’ve never been able to attend myself, but I know from twelve years of experience that Mom is an excellent teacher, and the workshop sounds like a lot of fun.

We are working hard (okay, Mom is working SUPER hard and I’m helping where I can), and are getting super excited about this opportunity. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come share our joy! Hopefully we won’t be too busy for me to remember to take pictures…

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon to an Alpaca Festival Near You

  1. Thank you! I think we have captured a unique corner of the market, because the other two main companies at the Sheep and Wool festival who dye in natural colors are not doing anything like us. There are no semi-solids, multis, or gradients in their stalls. Only solids. So I hope folks find it interesting enough to take home and try out.


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