Ready for Fall…


Four whole days left in August, and two pairs of leg-foot-type-adornments are done. Huzzah! One of the many things I love about heavy-gauge socks. Cozy, warm, and FAST. Even though I did them on needles that were too small and they’re practically compression socks. (I’ve knit enough pairs of socks that I’ve screwed them up just about every which way. A little too tight or a little too loose is ok. A little too short or a little too long, or WAY too tight or too loose, is not.)


Pattern review: The yarn I chose was appropriate, but the needle size was not. I could have knit these socks on 3s or 4s and they would have still fit, and been a lot less unpleasant on my wrists. (I used 2s.) Other than that, the pattern is quite lovely. The dutch heel was the best I’ve done yet (no pooching! Not sure why). The simple cable pattern flanks a traditional gansey knit-and-purl stitch. That’s the only thing I don’t like about them being on the tight side; the gansey panel is distorted.


But they are warm and cozy and wooly and likeable. (For a somewhat preemptive yarn review, click here.)


Naomi still thinks the leftovers ball is the most interesting toy on the planet. The chip clip is its closest competitor.



I opted to forego the gansey panel on these leggies, because I wanted to be able to crank them out without really paying attention. I swatched (egads!) and opted to use US5s and 1×1 rib.


I love them. They are a sort of generic fall mix, so they go with nothing and everything at the same time. Baby leggies are so useful for babywearing, and for extending the life of dresses a little longer into the fall.



I wanted to  do some increases between ankle and thigh, since those different areas of chunk are remarkably different on the Nomes. But I wasn’t really thinking, and had done some fancy “seam” style increases before realizing that if I did all the increases like that, the cables would slowly migrate toward the front. But I didn’t want seam increases on the back. And I didn’t want to rip. So I compensated by putting more subtle increases near the cables on the front, and keeping the seam increases going on the back. An awkward solution, to be sure, but effective.



The above picture shows the back of one leggie on the left and the front on the right. Below they are both facing the same direction.


I am under no delusions that both leggies are going to stay forward-facing for any period of time, anyway, but it’s the thought of symmetry that counts!



In five days, September will be here, and in two more, the school year will start. I’m about as ready for either as I can imagine being, but the impending unknown still makes me pretty nervous. School with a baby will be interesting, to be sure, but I have a lot of help and a light load. Might as well enjoy both things while they last!

6 thoughts on “Ready for Fall…

  1. I expect so. The pattern is written for a thicker gauge – only 51 st. around the leg – so unless it’s for a smaller foot you might want to add a little to the circumference (not hard to do).


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