First Things

I am so behind on blogging it’s ridiculous. Cyrilla is due in ten days, and I’m barely computing it. Her room is close to readiness, thanks to several spurts of nesting over the last few weeks. One last load of necessaries is drying now, and she is quite overstocked with diapers and 0-3 month clothes.

We’re certainly not ready, though I think I will feel more ready when I’m finished this paper that’s due the same day she is. At least I can say with happy certainty that she will have one knitted outfit from her mother ready for her arrival.

The yarn: Shepherd’s Wool Fingering from Stonehedge Fiber Mill, in “Antique Rose.” I picked up two skeins on a whim on our first trip to Fiber Space, where it was 50% off. The fumes got to me, and impulse didn’t end in regret this time. Let me tell you right here and now: this stuff is so. soft. I don’t know how it’s this soft. It’s 100% wool, unapologetically, but it feels as if it has cashmere in it. The salmon-y color is unusual for me, but perfect for a babe. Somehow I got it into my head that this yarn, which clearly enough called for US 2s or 3s, was a DK weight, so my gauge is a little loose. But it only adds to the softness factor.

The teeny sweater is the free version of Puerperium, possibly the most popular infant sweater on the internet. I feel like I have no place reviewing it, when you can just go see the over two thousand that others made before me. Besides, I finished it (aside from the ends-weaving and buttons-adding) back in August, so I don’t remember anything useful to tell you about it.

The pants were inspired by a similar pair I’ve been spying on Posy Gets Cosy. (Don’t click on that link unless you want to be swallowed by desire for a quaintly beautiful home space. Every time I go on there I heave a deep sigh and remember to be thankful that I have clean underwear this week, and that from where I’m sitting I can see some portion of my floor.)

The pattern I used, since I couldn’t find out what pattern she used, was a Drops pattern creatively named “b20-10 Knitted Pants.” As usual, I have nothing negative to say about Drops patterns – you just have to kinda know what you’re doing, as they don’t hand-hold at all. Since my gauge was a little small, I did the medium size for # of stitches and followed the smallest size for measurements. The main thing – scratch that, the only thing I cared about really was the wide band of ribbing at the top. Because babies with high-waited pants look hilariously adorable. Let’s just hope that the pants and sweater fit her at the same time.

The hat was a simple toque of my own devising. The rim is of an adjustable length, secured with buttons, and it’s entirely ribbed, so the hat (if no other part of this outfit) will fit her for the rest of the cold season.

These three items used up every scrap of those two skeins. I completely love that I can make a garment for my baby with one skein. I hope that stage lasts a while.

I’ll bring a few outfits to the hospital/birth center with us, but I’m hoping this is the one she will come home in. How could I not?

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