I Am Alive

Just a little post to say:

I have 1/14 of the pentecost shawl left to knit.

I am not letting myself knit anything else ’till it’s done.

I really can’t wait to start something new.

Reading novels is a lot of fun. Especially when you’re avoiding knitting.

Mansfield Park is much more entertaining to read than I could have expected. But it is very odd.

I am eating a lot of oranges right now.

Portal 2 has the best ending ever.

I have no idea how to take care of perennials.

It’s too hot to weed.

I need a new recipe for something to do with swiss chard.

I have grand plans to make clotted cream.

The Dark Knight Rises was shot mostly in Pittsburgh.

I look forward with perverse excitement and a not small amount of guilt to seeing one of the ‘burgh bridges blow up for fake.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a health drink.

My stream of consciousness contains a lot of content about food.

Perhaps it is time for lunch.

2 thoughts on “I Am Alive

  1. This is great! My stream of consciousness:
    The VBS gym is all decorated; we turned it into a Babylonian market place.
    My husband is a brilliant designer and I credit him with our Ishtar gate and wall.
    Children are wonderful, but trying to direct 20 of them at once is taxing. I hope they all forgive when I was brusk.
    My husband has gotten really good at handling me when I become itchybay.
    My 11-year -old is still looking forward to this VBS on Monday after hours and hours in the office, helping me endlessly even when she didn’t want to…..I consider this a huge blessing.
    There were many miracles Friday and this weekend that is allowing us to pull this whole thing off.
    I feel like every year my speech is becoming more difficult.
    I surely hope the children enjoy themselves this week!


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