Lazy Days

Phew! I hate blog posts that are mostly apologies for not posting, but I’ve finally earned the indulgence. To make a long story short, new drugs started about a month ago have knocked me flat on my proverbial arse, and just the idea of going to get my camera, let alone writing a coherent blog post about something, has for the most part been beyond my capability more than a few times in recent weeks. I picked a good season to be worthless; there’s little going on in my life to suffer aside from the blog and one remaining school assignment.

So instead of coherence, you get a random list of things that happened during the first third of July!

July 1st was Canada Day, and I celebrated by going to Joanns to get some Canadian yarn. These six colors of Patons Classic Wool will become this, the first project in the Lord of the Rings series. How I worked that out to be the first will take explanation beyond the purview of this post, but explanation there will be…

On the 4th, we broke in our patio jam-packed with second-hand goodies from an enormous deck set to a propane grill. My homemade sauerkraut from nearly 2 years ago is still going strong.

I finally finished washing my half of the silver fleece! I ought to weigh it, and I will before the games start, to figure out how thin I have to spin it to get good yardage out of it. But for now it’s sitting at the top of the stairs, shining in the sunlight.

On Friday we learned of the existence of munchkin cats. They are sort of like the dachsund of cats…. normal, except with inexplicably short legs. Bethany felt the need to take a million pictures of this one on my phone.

Oh yeah, Bethany’s here! Our nearly-non-stop adventures have included everything from plum jam harvested from our neighbor’s tree (below) to a day at the zoo. It’s been super to have her around; like a mini-staycation exploring the fun stuff that two boring twenty-somethings would never do without a kid to share them with.

Also – did you know that sleeves are about 1/3 of the knitting of the average sweater? This should give you some perspective when I tell you I re-knit them in their entirety last week. So Ordinary Time is not quite done; these still need to be blocked and re-installed into the sweater.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the cooler-ish weather. We spent all morning lazily napping and reading our books, and on the agenda for the rest of the day are mini-golf and game night and an early bedtime.

I guess it finally feels like summer.

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