Spin Retreat ’12: Proof and Progress

When Mom washed and dyed her half of the silver fleece a few weeks ago, she was unsatisfied with the still-very-grey wool that came out of the dyebath. But, having dyed grey fleece with black beans myself, quite a while ago, I knew that her silver locks had turned bluer than she realized. Of course, we had to wait for both her dyed silver and my undyed silver to be in the same place to prove it.

Those locks are quite blue! Mom was so pleased with the comparison, and decided to spin up a sample.

First comes the teasing, and carding into rolags, then spinning a few rolags each on two bobbins, then plying the two together to make the perfect blue-jeans colored yarn.

Mom’s way ahead of me – I’m still taking the slow route, washing my silver one roasting-pan-full at a time on the stove. I only get a chance to do this about once a week, so it seems like I’ll never be done. But the big black trash bag of unwashed fleece keeps getting smaller and smaller, and the grocery bag full of washed locks keeps getting more and more stuffed. My goal is to have it done by the beginning of the summer olympics – can you guess why?

Also, a word to the wise: If, for easy access, you leave a trash bag of fleece lying on your kitchen floor, guests in your home may make the reasonable assumption that this trash bag is, in fact, for trash. Ice cream sandwich wrapper + dirty wool = yuck!

One thought on “Spin Retreat ’12: Proof and Progress

  1. At home again I’ve been trying to balance spinning with knitting….it’s hard. Once I start a spinning project, I don’t want to stop. It’s really distracting me like any new exciting hobby. So I have to make myself sit down and knit now. I must have 10 knitting projects in the works. At some point this summer I’m going to sit down and finish most of them!


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