This Is How I Lose It

I knew it would happen eventually. Packing just gets to me. The house is in disarray, I can’t find important things, and all the required tasks overlap each other in causality, putting me in weird catch 22s. Like how I have to pack the rest of the living room if I’m to have any hope of finding the packing tape, but I can’t get any more boxes ready for packing without finding the packing tape.

It’s during times like these that I find myself becoming amazingly efficient at all the other things that I don’t really have to do. For example, cleaning fleece. There’s more clean:

More drying:

And more on the stove.

Yesterday I broke down and washed the Cormo X that mom split with me.

Here’s the stats on this beauty: It was originally 7 lbs, and seemed to be about half black with bleached brown tips and half a wonderful grey and white mixed together. I imagine it must have been two fleeces, now that I look at how separated the light and dark sections are.

The crimp varies a good bit, but most of it seems to be around 10 crimps per inch. The staple’s only about three inches long. I know mom’s already started playing with her combs, which might be perfect for this. I have no idea how I’m going to spin it, but now I can just play around.

And today, I did a very weird thing. I pulled out a giant bag that I was given last year, that I’d barely peeked inside, only enough to know that it contained a hefty amount of wool/mohair roving. When I did peek, I found it was in weird little bumps. So I grouped those bumps into 4 oz. sets:

Then I carefully unravelled them all and braided them. I now have 9 4-oz braids, fairly messy, but ready to have something done to them. What that something might be, I have a few ideas, all involving gradiant dyeing. Any suggestions?

I’m out of excuses now. The Laundry’s clean, and there’s another batch of the silver fleece on the stove. Roommate A’s been napping long enough that I can justify waking her up to check her room for the packing tape. We’re moving on Saturday, and I’m working all day Friday, and there’s no way it’s all getting done tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll pack a little more, then watch another episode of Buffy and spin.

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