The Tale of the Boring Shawl

We are back in PA, and completely exhausted, and I am more than a little slap-happy with all the wool goodness that was the past two days. I got to hang out with some really cool people, reconnect with friends, and acquire an absolute ton of inspiration. I am cooking up at least a week’s worth of bloggage on the subject, but for now, I need sleep. So one more boring day, with some hints of things to come.

When I first started knitting Color Affection (also known as Color Infection or Color Affliction), I didn’t want to work on anything else. It had my full attention. The regular M1s, with my clever system for keep track of when to do two of them, and of course the garter stitch stripes. I don’t know what it is about garter stitch stripes that give me a giddy feeling. They are just so perfectly distinct, even while being interestingly textured! How do they DO it? (Okay, I could break down the geometry of the stitches to tell you exactly how they do it, but it’s more fun just swooning with mystified pleasure.)

I’ve gotten through the two-color section and am into the three-color, and I’ve slowed down. This surprises me; I thought I’d be all up ons once I picked up the third color, that lovely peacock blue. But it’s mostly just chilling in a project bag right now. What’s up?

I knew where to turn – this pattern is so freakishly popular on Ravelry that there must be some at sheep and wool. Right? Well, more or less. I found three, which was not bad, but considering I also saw two Evenstars, I was unimpressed.

The first two were hanging in a booth; I didn’t get close enough to see detail.

The second was worn on an actual person, and I didn’t get a good picture. (Oh yes, I was that person trying to sneak along behind someone in the crowd, getting a picture on a crappy camera phone while looking like a total creeper. It was slick. I could have just asked her to stop, but did that occur to me? Nope.)

I do have deep affection for this eponymous project; I even have ideas for starting a laceweight one when this is done. But now that the semester is over, my hours per day spent reading is about to plummet. I can only conjecture as to its fate.

One thought on “The Tale of the Boring Shawl

  1. I hit the same place with my Color Affection. I finally got the 3 color section done. Then man alive, those last rows are long. However, as the current one languishes I already have yarn for another and am planning one for my MIL. I think that getting the first one finished is the key.


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