The Tale of the Boring Tee

Today’s entry in the Week of Boring Knitting is a tee – the first tee, in fact, that I’ve ever knit. I am doing it for the top down class that I was teaching, although half the students dropped out so it’s now a private lesson. My goal is to get through everything but the collar and stop, so I can do picking up stitches with my one student.

[Photos taken on camera phone while driving to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival! See Doris waving from the back seat? Say hi, Doris! I didn’t bring any fiber to spin because I am going to buy so much.]

Top-down sweaters are supposedly awesome, because you can try on your work as you go. I am starting to think this is a sham. It is more probable that I just don’t know what I’m doing, and that the thousands of knitters who love this know what they are talking about, but right now I just resent them for coming up with this technique I can’t do just so they can avoid seams. Mattress stitch! It’s not that hard, people!

Usually I’m making shapeless cardis, so it doesn’t matter. But the point of this is to be form-fitting and flattering, not loose and strangely dumpy. After two tries, it’s still too big. I will discount the possibility that I just don’t know what I’m doing.

I love the details, though. The sleeves are made to look “gathered” at the top, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like after its gathered back in at the bottom of the sleeve.

If I can even get through the sleeves without running out of yarn, that is. Since it’s at least one size too big. Ugh.

One thought on “The Tale of the Boring Tee

  1. Hi, Doris! 🙂 And hi to you, too, Rebecca! I hope you both have a spectacular time at MS&W! (BTW – The Tee is cute.)


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