For Reals

Reading week was a lot of fun. Now it is over, and I realize just how much TV I watched. Mostly because folks keep asking me, “what did you do during reading week?” and my gleeful response is, “I watched TV!” I don’t regret it for a second, at least partially because I also did a lot of work.

But I also went home! The Yarn Harlot’s visit was the immediate reason, but it was also good timing to do a lot of woolly work with mom. Mom, whose house is full of yarn.

There was a flurry of orders last month for the Liturgical Year Bundle (enough yarn for the four projects that are definitely using OFS yarn, offered at a discount with free shipping). We had to combine forces to get it all reskeined, labeled, and shipped. Mum had most of the Kirby Woolpaca dealt with before I got there.

Don’t those colors all go together beautifully? I think they will have to make a joint appearance in a knitted garment. Soon.

Add my fingering weight contributions to the mix, and we had quite the cornucopia going on.

By the end of our short visit, we’d filled our biggest order yet – 8 out of 10 orders shipped out across the country (and one all the way to Oxfordshire, UK). Doesn’t this make us look like a real business?

This is also the first time we started using what we’re calling “Mega Skeins.” In the future, when you order Kirby Woolpaca, if you order more than 5 50-gram skeins, you may receive at least part of your order in a 250 gram “Mega Skein,” because it is easier for all involved, and because it is just too fun.

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