Finished Objects in the Finished Basement

The Experiment House had itself blessed yesterday in fine style.

Martha flings blessed H2O to the four corners of the living room with a juniper sprig plucked from our yard.

In what I can only hope was a representative sample of activities within its walls, the whole place was filled with humans, sprinkled with holy water and collects [pronounced CALL-eckts; it’s an Anglican thing], then there were many hours of eating and lady priests playing video games.

So that we could have people view our living space without covering myself in shame, this party meant that we finally finished the basement. It’s sort of like living in a really large dorm room, or an economy apartment without the kitchen (and with an enormous bathroom), but it’s much more open than our last place, and looks to be perfect for our needs.

When you come down the steps, you are met by the living room/work room. The entertainment center has been partially repurposed for yarn display, and the couch and coffee table are my equivalent of a desk and chair. (I don’t do desks or chairs.)

At the base of the steps, rotate 45 degrees to get the best view of the whole basement.

Something about the one-room setup makes me feel so free. Maybe it’s having floorspace for a change. The flourescent lighting and pale walls are a bit much, but I think I’m going to love it in the depths of winter When All Other Lights Go Out.

Turn another 90 degrees and you see Jared’s little workstation nestled under the stairs. This is starting to feel like an Ikea catologue, except with furniture you found in your parents’ basement or on the side of the road.

Mum taught me a long time ago that one should decorate with yarn, but it’s only now, when I have no closets whatsoever, and when the cat-pee smell in the storage area means that I will only store things that are very well sealed or that don’t absorb smells, that I’m starting to think about decorating with finished knitted objects as well. The socks I’ve knitted this year adorn my dresser, while all our winter accessories fill a fabric-lined wicker laundry basket atop the cedar chest.

Of course, the Experiment House is about much more than clever decorating or parties. I plan to do a real post on what we’re about, once we have all four residents in one place during daylight hours to take a good picture.

Do you decorate with yarn or FO’s? Mum, I know you do. Want to do a post about it?

3 thoughts on “Finished Objects in the Finished Basement

  1. I “decorate” with yarn and FOs in the sense that you can find yarn and knitting-related this-and-thats on every flat surface. Does that count?

    I do kind of display my spinning stuff. My wheel is in the living room, and I sometimes keep an old set of carders and my (virtually unused) drop-spindle in display-type places. I also always leave out the prettiest WIP to keep on the coffee table when I have visitors!


  2. Yes that all counts! Anywhere yarn is out and about counts as decorating! I think I need to do more with it……so far I ONLY decorate my craft room with yarn and FO. And all my WIP are in opaque bags. What’s the matter with me? I need to break out and put my yarn in the kitchen, in the LR….help please! I’d like to see pictures and descriptions of what everyone else does with their stash, WIP, and FO’s. Everyone knows I love knitting more than just about any other activity, why am I hiding my stash in only one room?


  3. Do I decorate with yarn? It’s more like where can I find space to put more of it. So the dining room has four spinning wheels, and three baskets of yarn, plus an Indian papoose basket with yarn in it. Living room – A large basket, a knitted bag full, one small basket, and my wip basket. I did take some beautiful multicolor out of the plastic. I loved it in the store – might as well enjoy it here too. And also the Lenten shawl is on the rocking chair. Bedroom: one trunk full, with small knitted baby items on the walls. My office – another trunk full, two baskets on trunk and on file cabinet, wire baskets of yarn under the bookshelf that holds about 50 knitting books, . Laundry room – three more baskets – two large and one small. I think I might have a problem. But the bathrooms and kitchen are still yarn free, as is Jon’s office (I would not dare go there).

    I was in this beautiful lys in Pacific Grove with my sister, and they had all their handpainted yarns right in front of the door when you walk in. Had to get an afghan kit for our living room, and I also stocked up on some of the yarn that they had for the Liturgical Year projects. So I emptied out my video basket and put the blues in there. If we ever need the money, I could probably open up a yarn shop.


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