The shawl of doom is blocking, the poncho of doom should be (but isn’t yet) blocking, and I’ve cast on two other things I can’t show you. So here’s a photo album from the other category of project in my life: gardening! The community garden, as a matter of fact, which thanks to excellent fertilization and consistent watering is a veritable jungle of potential vegetables.

The sweet potato plant, like a sort of crawling variant of a Japanese Maple. How do we know when there are potatoes underneath?

Proto-proto-bell peppers.

The acorn squash plants are out of control, but despite lots of flowers, we’ve yet to see some actual wee squash.

The tomato plants desperately need staking. As one, they all flopped over in the direction of the rising sun, then started growing straight up from there, so each stem has a big right-angle bend in it. But they seem otherwise happy, ready to start giving us 1/3 of my caprese salad.

And instead of being in a backyard, or a field, it’s right behind the police and fire stations and next to the municipal office. Right at home, eh?

3 thoughts on “Proto-proto-proto-salad

  1. I got my first 3 batches of green beans and they are wonderful! The stink bugs don’t bother them so much. And they are leaving my tomatoes alone since I dusted them with pest control. I’m anxiously waiting for some to turn red.
    My woad plants are doing beautifully and it’s now prob. time to read up on how to make blue dye out of them. The red plant died….what’s it called?…starts with m? I’ve got 52-year old brain farts.


    1. Lol silly girl! I love it; I might have to make myself one when the time comes. It’s just “of doom” because it’s a huuuuge piece of fabric!


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