Thoughts from 1:39 a.m.

Presented in list form, to save you the headache you’d probably get if you were to look for order in this series of half-coherent thoughts.

1 ) Whenever my husband walks into the living room at whatever unrighteous hour of the night to find out why I am there and not in bed, he always looks really angry and disapproving. I always assumed this was because of some deep-seated bitterness at my occasional insomnia that only came out through the weak filter of his newly newly-awakened state. Now I realize he’s just squinting at the light.

2 ) Funny story (shared with approval): Jared slept on the couch for the first time the other night. Not because of any marital problems, but because he’d had a semi-lucid dream that someone else was in bed with him and it was only appropriate for him to leave and sleep on the couch. He woke up with a crick in his neck and some major confusion.

3 ) I suppose it says something about us that, when Jared wakes in the middle of the night to find me absent from bed, he gets up and looks for me, while when I wake up and find him missing, my only thought is “I don’t know where Jared is, but more bed for me! *SPRAWL*”

4 ) It is mid-summer, and we don’t have A/C to speak of. As a result, the big poncho I have been knitting on tonight while surfing blogs weighs significantly more than all the clothing actually on my body. Somehow this seems weird to me.

5 ) I meant to show you pictures of my Patriotic Immigrant socks yesterday, but it was July 4th, and actual festivities got in the way. Then I meant to blog on the 5th, but there was an “outage” that left me emotionally hemmoraging while I waited for my access to unlimited inane self-expression to be restored. When it came back I had hours of facebook statuses to catch up on. Because of this delay, instead of socks in progress, I now have to show you a finished sock and a decent cast on. I love socks in DK-weight so much; the below is the work of two movies, a long conversation, and a morning of procrastinating from doing other things.

6 ) The lighting in my living room in the wee hours is pretty crappy for pictures. But me, an expensive camera, and Picasa, we do what we can.

7 ) The first design for the Liturgical Year series is done – at least, the pattern is drafted and the object is knitted. I am several steps closer to having an actual plan, which you will learn about sometime at the beginning of next month. I love designing! It is the fun part. But there’s at least as much administrative/marketing stuff required, and I have some catching up to do. On the to-do list for tomorrow: reserve ad space on ravelry, talk my sister into designing ads for barter, do a photo shoot for two patterns itching to be released before summer ripens any more.

8 ) Don’t all those things sound more important than laundry?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts from 1:39 a.m.

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