Public Service Announcement

This is just a little note to tell you, I’ve hit “It” again. The Yarn Harlot talks about “It” – usually associated with the Christmas season – when you realize you have so much to do and so little time to do it that you are going to have to carefully schedule every hour of your life for maximum productivity to avoid being totally screwed, although really you are probably going to be totally screwed anyway. I’m starting a June Term intensive class on Monday, and due to a massive misinterpretation of the syllabus, I had only done about 150 of the 1100 pages of required pre-reading before yesterday. We won’t discuss the papers I’m supposed to have written. Thankfully, one of the great things about most of my professors being pastors is that they are unlikely to stand looking down their noses of academic principle with looks of stuffy disapproval, but are willing to work with the weak. However, this might be the class that forces me to stop worshiping at the altar of my GPA. Oh well; I needed to get over that anyway.

Here is a picture of some sheep for reassurance.

All that to say, you might not hear from me for a couple weeks. If you do, it will be because i am blogging to avoid the impossible mound of work sitting beside me. (Like right now.) Last week I avoided work by writing up patterns, so with any luck my awesome test knitters will get clicking this weekend on the big summer and fall patterns.

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