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Hey any/everyone who makes use of the awesome website Ravelry (if you’re a knitter, and you’re not on ravelry, you should be. I’m just stating that as a basic fact of life, like merino is soft, and sheep are friends), the group that was being used for the Lenten KAL has been switched over to a group generally about Osborn Fiber Studio. The designs and yarn get discussed there a bit, but most of what happens on that board is that we pray for each other. If you are into any of those things, give a visit.

I’ve also started a monthly-ish newsletter, which will go out every time a new design is completed, and gives the latest businessy-type news in that type of format. That way the amount of newsiness here on the blag-o-blag can be kept to a minimum, and you can come here for goofy rambles and yarn pron. If you’d like to sign up for said updates, send an email to osbornfiber at gmail dot com with “Newsletter” in the subject line. (I hope to get a signup button on here soon. one thing at a time.)

Social media… it keeps us informed, and everyone says its awesome, but my phone is still un-smart, and I’d rather be knitting. Call me a troglodyte.

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