Yarn Show on Sunday and Other News

Hey folks! It looks like this week we have no errata (though, granted, this is the simplest pattern of the lot. I’m still relieved.) This leaves me free to give you a wee update.

First – If you live in the Southwestern PA area, I will be selling my yarn in public this Sunday. It’s just a casual meeting of fiber artists, but I’ve been permitted to bring my wares, for which I am most grateful. So if you’ve been longing to finger some of our newest beauties, I’ll have the whole lot with me this time around. Here’s the info:

Sewickley Library Fiber Group

This is a hang out and fiber swap. If you have any yarn, fiber, fabric, etc. you’d like to give away, sell, or swap, bring it along.

Where: Sewickley Library‘s community room

When: Palm Sunday, April 17th, 1:30-3:30 p.m. (I won’t be there ’till around 2:15).


Second – Thanks to everyone for your input helping me choose a sock yarn for a new base. Between the glitchy poll, the comments, and conversations with some of y’all, opinion was fairly evenly divided between Lesley (Prettier) and Jeannie (Stronger & Thicker). It was a tough call, but I ended up getting the dyer’s case of Jeannie.

I think it will be the most versatile option, as it is both soft and strong (and quite lovely, even if it doesn’t have Lesley’s saucy curves), and it’s a “meatier” fingering weight, so it will work as well for socks, in addition to being lovely in shawls and everything else you’d want to make with fingering weight.

However, if you were really hoping for the fine prettitude of the Lesley base, don’t be too disappointed yet – I couldn’t resist getting a couple bags of that too. If you really would have rather had the Lesley, the best way to vote is with your wallets; if you clean me out, I’ll be forced to dye more, and in larger quantities.

I hope to have about 60 skeins of Jeannie in multicolored colorways, and about 20 skeins of Lesley in a rainbow of semi-solids, ready by Sheep & Wool. This means that this week is mordantfest at chez Osborn, with lids on, gloves out, and windows open to the spring breeze to spread chemical fumes to the wind.

And since they’re not dyed yet, they can dry in the sunshine:


Thing the Third – These sock yarns both need names! I can’t use Lesley and Jeannie, as they are Kraemer’s names, but I need something distinctively OFS. I tend toward the more literal, though with Mom and Bethany’s input we’re getting a little more open minded. Suggestions are welcome.

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