I rarely leave the house without something knitted on my person, and every now and then this will elicit a comment from someone like “When are you going to make me one of those?” The “someone” in question is usually someone I don’t know very well, possibly an older jokester-type-dude who is probably someone’s uncle. I am sure this is meant as a sort of compliment in all good fun, but this does not occur to me at the time. This may surprise you, but (a) I am not very quick on my feet with “comebacks” and other cleverness, (b) I compulsively take people seriously, (c) I do not have a ton of knitting time to spare, (d) I don’t knit for dudes I don’t know very well, and (e) I don’t have time for such shennanigans. So usually I hand them a business card and tell them to send me their favorite color and I will give them a time and price estimate. This makes them go away.

But if I like you a whole lot…. such a comment may result (eventually) in slippers at your doorstep.

These crazy creations are for a small-footed faculty member who lets me play with her dog whenever I want. She has the personality to pull off some crazy colors, so I’m hoping she likes these – besides, she just got back from Africa, so she might still have bright colors on the brain… right? They are sitting by the window, waiting for me to remember to bring them to campus and stick them in her box.

These are Felted Clogs (from the famous Fiber Trends pattern that the Yarn Harlot has memorized – I don’t know how, though; this is a very persnickity pattern) for the Dude who Makes this Wobsite Go. He could probably ask for almost any knit thing and I would make it for him. They are also sitting by the window, waiting for an appropriately-shaped box to arrive from USPS so they can find their way to California. I really should have taken a “before” picture… they were a good two feet long before felting! But I’m sure these will not be the last pair to leave my needles.

Of course, if the weather keeps up like this, they won’t need this footwear by the time it gets to them. It’s supposed to be 60 degrees outside tomorrow, people! Even I am getting the itch to garden, and I have a black thumb. But this is the East Coast, so it’ll probably be blizzarding again by the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Cleverness

  1. I think your slippers are great! What pattern did you use for the brightly colored pair? I have some slippers on y knitting list and these might be perfect.


  2. Sorry I am rather behind the times… and also a very uninformed (aka ignorant) follower of this blog… but why did the slippers start out two feet long, and what does it mean that they are “felted”? (I have a suspicion that there may be some as-of-yet-undiscovered-relation between these two points.)
    PS – I like them a lot. 🙂


  3. Haha! Well when something is 100% wool or other animal fiber, if you throw it in the washer, hot water + agitation + soap means it the fibers will bind together and the whole thing will shrink into a piece of felt. To do this on purpose, you knit a thing 1 1/2 times bigger than you want it to be in the end, then felt it in the washer. It’s a blast. 🙂


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