I Really Do Have a Life.

I might be just a little obsessed. “Fixated” would also be an appropriate word. You know it’s bad when you’re telling random friends, who you know very well don’t knit, about your project… and it takes you fifteen minutes into your description to figure out they don’t really care…

I had two parties to go to on Friday evening, when the first clue for the In Dreams mystery Knit-along started. The first party was just down the street, so when it was over I hurried back home (there may have been skipping) to get my clue. I had my yarn wound, beads loaded onto floss, all in a little project bag ready to take to the second party, which was mercifully devoted to watching Firefly with friends who didn’t mind if I had a light on.

Less than 48 hours later, I was finished with the first clue.

I hope you understand now.

The project is going to be a semi-circular shawl, inspired by the design of Galadriel’s crown (click for image). I wasn’t really sure how that was going to work out until I saw the leaves sprouting in pairs out of the beaded section. They are so slick and slanty!

My favorite thing about a mystery KAL is the element of surprise. It helps to know the designer well enough to have confidence in their creative vision… in other words, so you know you’ll get something you like. But this is the one time in my life when I love not knowing what’s going to happen. On something this complex, even the charts don’t tell you how it’ll be shaped, so only when the stitches stack up in my own hot little hands to I know what the result will be.

Now I’m off to compare notes with the others who have finished. It is pulling a bit oddly, which has me concerned. The other cool thing about these MKALs is the ravelry groups – lots of affirmation, encouragement, and mutual back-patting are available from around the world at a click from one’s fellows on the journey.

Just have a week or three to wait until the next clue comes out. Must acquire patience.

2 thoughts on “I Really Do Have a Life.

  1. You make me laugh out loud!!! Your lace talent is amazing!! It’s gorgeous!! I’m going to learn how to do that eventually…..


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