The Nearly-Midnight Oil

It was a very near thing. The postman didn’t come before we had to go to school, and there was a maddening moment when his truck drove by when we were two blocks from our house. We were on foot, or there might have been a chase. But the precious package greeted me when we came back after class. In the end, I’m pulling in with over an hour to spare – and that’s including heel reinforcement. (I forgot that one month. But I felt better when I found out today that the Yarn Harlot counted one month’s socks done when she hadn’t even grafted the toes shut yet.)

Yarn Review: Jitterbug by Colinette is amazing stuff. The stitch definition of these coiled-type yarns is out of this world, and makes cables and twisted stitches pop like no other type of yarn I know. It’s a little thick – I did these on 2.5s, and I could have gone bigger and had a nice tight fabric. Oh, and watch out…. the yardage is a little short.

Pattern Review: “Chalet Socks” in Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks is probably one of the most beautiful, eye-catching patterns in the book. It’s difficult – there’s a big chart, with long repeats and patterns that don’t do quite what you think they will – but if I do say so myself, the result is gorgeous. There’s a tiny error between the chart and written directions that means you have to figure out the calf decreases for yourself, but if you can knit these socks at all, you can figure it out. I didn’t change a thing about these socks. I love them. (Oh, and despite the unusually high stitch count, these fit a normal woman’s foot just fine. It’s a pretty elastic pattern. Sorry mom.)

But I’m sticking with my resolve… These babies are the first addition to my very own “long-term planning box.” Okay, right now it’s like the “long-term-planning-corner-of-my-sock-drawer.” That means that someone I like very much is going to get these next Christmas. Turns out this will be a character exercise after all.

Goodnight moon!

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