Today I have a very special announcement to make.

About fifteen years ago, my mom taught me how to knit. I don’t remember much about the experience, but I do remember graduating from making a horrid yellow barbie scarf on one of those round things with pegs to having a finished sweater on my little person. That sweater didn’t end very well, and my second sweater is still half finished in Mom’s closet. Being flighty of temperament, I dropped knitting like a hot potato and didn’t touch it again until college. When I picked it back up again, I largely taught myself, being just out of my teenage rebellion and as fiercely independent as ever. But mom was always there, ready to offer advice, or as was more often the case, let her books be borrowed, stash rummaged through, or needles stolen for years at a time. (I still have a couple, I think.) Eventually, when I realized that I was in the midst of a thorough-going obsession (a blog devoted to a topic is a good hint), knitting began to bring us even closer together.

Teaching someone to knit is like a very, very small version of evangelism. When you teach someone to knit, it only takes a couple hours of your time. And maybe they will hate it – maybe it just won’t click, and they’ll go back to crochet or quilt or whatever. But maybe – just maybe – it will completely change their life. Everyone who is an intense sort of knitter can look back to that person who taught them to knit, maybe just giving them a couple hours, and see the effect of that one act spread over the rest of the intervening time. Fellow knitters are always asking me, maybe because I’m young-ish, “so who taught you to knit?” For me, my mom is that person – funnily enough, who both taught me to knit and led me to faith.

So it seems extremely appropriate, like coming full circle, to announce that Mom is joining Osborn Fiber Studio as a dyer, designer, and general yarn artist extraordinaire.

Those of you who read this blog lately have gotten to watch as Mom got bit hard by the dyeing bug. It seems to be sticking, so she’s bringing her considerable knitting experience and talent, her experience in visual arts, her ideas, and her energy and good sense to OFS. I am thrilled as anything to have her alongside, and it is a huge encouragement to have her alongside to brainstorm and plan and make. We have a lot of exciting plans for OFS this year – new yarns, new colors, pattern support, and more, including some of Mom’s special contributions that I’ll let her introduce when the time is right.

So you’ll be seeing a lot more, hopefully from both of us, as synergy takes hold. Stay tuned… things are getting interesting!

One thought on “K2tog

  1. Congratulations to you both on this new chapter of your lives! You are so blessed to have each other! I love you both — I love you all!


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