Baby, Baby, Hold Together

Daniel and Joel, two well-baked babes in their mommy-made hats. (The title reference is for their dad.)

The goals for our five days away were more or less accomplished. Infants were cuddled. A toddler was coralled. Basic cleaning was completed. Lots of lactation cookies were baked or frozen. And hopefully, a couple of hard-working people got a couple hours of sleep that they might not otherwise have gotten. Sadly, neither of those people were the boys’ mum, but I doubt anyone can do much about that. Instead, we are home feeling much more well-rested and relaxed than we have a right to be.

Joel – Sideburns and a front cowlick on a preemie? Must be an Osborn baby. I declare, if Elvis is ever reincarnated, it will be in our family. And Daniel sports the booties that just fit his tiny feet.

I think I can die happy. You?

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