Seven Spiritual Squares

One of the random cool things about being in school is the odd creative project I am asked to do. Last semester, in the sort of flagship baptism-by-fire Biblical Languages and Interpretation class, our final project was to read the book The Drama of Scripture by Michael W. Goheen and Craig G. Bartholomew, then creatively translate it into a form that could be shared with others. One of the miracles of the Bible is that, even though it is composed of 66 books written by at least 40 authors over nearly two millenia, it tells a united story – the story of God’s relationship with humans throughout all history. The Drama tells that story as a play divided into seven acts, so you can get the sweep of the whole story, the big picture.

I’m sure it will come as no big surprise to you that I chose to translate the project into knitting. I went nuts, wrote a pattern, and loved it, and decided to share it in a rather special way: as a Lenten Mystery Knit-Along!

Seven Weeks – Seven Squares – Seven Acts – One Story – One Scarf

Since the dawn of culture, humans have tracked the changing of the seasons. In some parts of the world, it’s Winter, Spring, Summer, Harvest; elsewhere it’s the ebb and flow of rainy and dry seasons. Each culture has special rituals and traditions built into the year. Christians, since the earliest days of the Church, have had our own way of marking time, starting with Advent and following Jesus’ life through to Pentecost.

Lent is a time of preparation. For many of us, it’s a chance to give up something that has grown perhaps a little too dear to us to gain a little more balance and focus on Jesus. Sometimes we engage in extra spiritual disciplines for the same reason. For forty days spanning the last depths of winter and the first hints of spring, we anticipate and participate in Jesus’ suffering on our behalf, rejoicing in the rescue we have from sin, and hoping to live into it more fully.

This year, you can join me in preparing for Easter by knitting your way through the whole story of Scripture. The project is a scarf, broken up into seven blocks, each a different color, each a different stitch pattern. The clues start on Sunday, March 6th, and will be released once a week until the Sunday right before Easter. The pattern will be extensively test knit, and each clue will have both charts and written directions.

I am super-excited about this project. Mom and Jonica are joining me in the test-knitting, making sure this journey is as free of glitches as possible. I will be writing knitterly devotional essays and compiling scripture passages that will be posted here on the blog during Lent, if you’d like to dig further into what I hope will be a very holistic meditation. This is going to be distinctively and unapologetically Christian, but I hope in no way denominationally exclusive.

If you’d like to sign up, you can visit the Lenten Mystery KAL page for more info. I’ve put all the pattern information there, as well as yarn requirements (the recommended yarn is Rowan’s Felted Tweed, seen above), and details on participation. I hope you will join me, as I think it will be a rich journey. Enjoy your last few stitches of 2010!

8 thoughts on “Seven Spiritual Squares

  1. Yes I am going to love test knitting this one. Can I say I can test knit the written directions as I am not really good at charts just yet. That is a goal of mine for 2011. I want to be able to knit by charts by dec 31 2011. I will do it! Just takes time!


  2. Hi Rebecca! I was wondering why your friendly face was no longer at Cloverhill:)! Congratulations on the move and on getting through your first semester, respectively, of seminary! I would love to pass on word about your Lenten KAL to our Prayer Shawl Ministry at St. John’s Ellicott City! Would that be OK with you? Of course a lot of them are not on the internet 🙂 but you never know!
    Looking forward to the KAL:)
    Joan G a/k/a Fuguestateknits back in “Merlin”


  3. Hi Joan!! Thanks for the greetings from “Merlin” haven’t heard that one. (I’m also not from “Balmer.”) YES please forward this on to whomever you wish! I hope to put up some ravelry ads next month as well.


  4. Jonica – I figured you’d be perfect for just that. I am testing them out for you first to make sure they are as correct as i can get them. And I managed to leave the copies with my notes on them in MD. Figures!


  5. WAAAAT~!!! Thanks for pointing that out, Libby, I missed that entirely. And according to ravelry, one person’s even knit them! x.x


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