It finally happened – the interwebs ate a post. Here I was, almost finished, moving some text around, I press Ctrl+Z one too many times, and it all disappears. Usually I am pretty clever with these things. But why am i surprised? I’ve written eleven pages of papers in the past two days; my brain is probably not firing on all cylynders. So before I completely give up, I will attempt to resurrect my thoughts for you. You can tell me afterwards if it was worth writing twice.

Does it ever happen to you that you find yourself working on a whole bunch of projects on the same size needle?

Right now, everything I am working on is on a US4. I did three little commissions on 4s, A Christmas present on 4s, and all this time Bethany’s shawl has been on 4s, so it figures that December’s socks would require a US4 as well.

I do have enough needles that this wasn’t too much of a problem, but it took a little juggling. The Christmas present was started on the only free needles – the Harmony interchangeables I inherited from Jonica. But I decided while working on the shawl last week that I wanted a pointier needle than the rather blunt 40″ Addi Turbos (which I otherwise adore), so I ganked the tips off the Harmonies and knit the shawl on a longer cable. I was proud of myself for the tricky job of knitting the Christmas present off the tip-less cord onto the 40″ Turbo when I realized I would need that same needle for December’s socks. So the Christmas present was again transferred onto 16″ Turbos so I could start the socks on magic loop. Phew! Of course all of this could have been avoided if I was not too cheap to buy more needles or too addicted to circulars to do any of the above projects on DPNs or straights, but there you have it. Have you ever done needle-juggling like that so you could have the needles you wanted for something else?

All that to say, December’s socks are on US4s. They are called “Finnish Socks,” not because they will “Finnish” my year (seriously, who would think of a pun that bad? oh wait.) but supposedly because they are involved with Finland. For those of you just tuning in, this is the 7th installment in my self-imposed sock-of-the-month club in which I knit my way through Nancy Bush’s book, Folk Socks. (To my knowledge, Ms. Bush has no connection whatever to any presidential family. People keep asking me about that, so I thought I should say something.)

I picked these socks for their gauge, as they called for a DK weight and (you guessed it) size 4 needles. In a month already overloaded with other projects, these babies will fly by. (Look at that! I think that was forethought! Hold onto your hats, there are some pigs flying somewhere.)

5 thoughts on “US4

  1. Rebbie,

    I thought there were two sets of number 4 needles in the harmonies that I gave you??? Or was that another size that you got two of them in??? Yes I am currently juggling 6 projects with size 6 tips with the KP metal options. So….yeah I have been driving myself nuts with the tips. seems I use alot of 4, 5, 6, and 8 needle projects.

    the pigs are in the backyard….want me to send them home to you???


  2. good. The pigs are here because I keep casting on for christmas/hanukah/ whatever gifts that I forget that someone wants this or that. When hubby away durning the week I plan on eating quick food and just knitting. dogs will understand…..I hope….


  3. I have been knitting 2 projects on size 2/3 needles….the fair isle sweater, and a slip stitch sweater for my mom that I started in May. I tried hard to avoid any other projects on small needles in the middle of that. I even started a very fun thick-thin shawl on size 35’s! Happiness: my mom’s sweater is done!!! Will post pictures of that soon since it’s all done in Osborn Fiber yarn!


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