Reskeining Surprise

I’ve been asked to make it clear who is posting, Rebecca or Mom, so I’ll start by saying: this is Mom (Linda.)

It’s well worth the investment to get a second swift if you dye your own  yarn…..and it’s quite exciting too!  (Or borrow a second one from a close friend….or ask for it as a Christmas gift!)   After having dyed my 1 skein of multicolor and 4 skeins of semi-solid pokeberry, I thought about reskeining for a couple reasons:

1) It bothered me that the strands stuck to each other a little.  I think this is because when I rinsed them and squeezed them out, there was SO MUCH YARN some of the strands dried together.

2) Reskeining gives you an idea of what the yarn will look like when you actually knit it.

So I bought a second swift at the store where Rebecca works in Pittsburgh: “Yarns Unlimited” and set them both up in my craft room.

2 swifts in operation

I made sure the 2nd swift was opened up to a larger diameter, so as I wound the skein from one to another, it would mix up the colors.

A happy mix!

So here it is before reskeining (note that if you compare this skein to the one from my post about dyeing, you can see it’s darker on the pink end….I did over-dye it.):

semi-solid before reskeining

Here it is after reskeining:

semi-solid after reskeining

I did the same to the multicolored skein.  Here it is before:

Final Result 2

And here it is after:

multicolored re-skein

I really, really like the way the pink-red semi-solid looks after reskeining, but I’m not sure about the multicolored one.   It would depend on what I was going to knit with it…..the individual colors are more clear before reskeining, which might be important.  What do you all think?

2 thoughts on “Reskeining Surprise

  1. i think they are both beautiful. i recently purchased a swift from Paradise Fibers that is a flat swift that stores in a bag. it is wonderful and makes it so easy to set-up and then store out of the way.


  2. Yay mom!

    I feel very strongly as a dyer about reskeining and now you see why – if you buy a yarn that is not reskeined you may very well have NO idea what you’re going to wind up with! Colors that are distinct and separated “go together” much differently than colors that are all mixed up. First, colors get more subdued when they blend together, second, they can look pretty good separated but look like crap blended up. (or vice versa.) So since they will be really blended up in the knitting, it is a good idea to only buy yarn that has been reskeined. I don’t buy un-reskeined yarn unless I have checked it out carefully and am pretty confident that I will like the finished product (by things like short color repeats, easily coordinating colors, etc.

    And Judi, yes, swifts are the bestest! Especially those of us with houses who are limited by the space-time continuum.


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