Not Dead, Just Buried

Fashion/Ministry blogger Peacebang has declared today “an intergenerational, ecumenical Moment of Whining” about all the work we have to do this week to get ready to be happy and thankful. After two weeks of near-perpetual illness, frantic fleece-dyeing, insta-papers, and being too stressed out to sleep, I am more than happy to participate.

It’s 34 days until Christmas and I haven’t started any gifts for the family yet.

It’s 34 days until Christmas and I have 13 obligatory projects that need to be finished before we leave for home.

Four of them have been started.

They’re mostly commissions and gifts, so I can’t even post any pictures of them on the blog to feel victorious about them.

(A couple of them are gifts for YOU, dear blog readers, so I won’t apologize too much.)

I have a minimum of 26 pages worth of papers to write in the next 3 weeks. (In reality probably more like 30-40.)

I have until we leave for home to finish dyeing fleeces, and I’m still looking for Aluminum Sulfate.

I thought I ordered a turkey for Thanksgiving, and I received a 7-lb CHICKEN. (That just hurts.)

What’s your gripe this week? Lay it all out there! We owe it to the rosy-cheeked children in our lives to be smiley and thankful, so get all the kvetch out of your system before they arrive at the door with the paper pilgrim hats they made in Sunday school!

3 thoughts on “Not Dead, Just Buried

  1. Rebbie,

    Trust me I know all about those deadlines. It will get better as time goes on. And yes I am not showing some projects due to the fact that I am knitting for some of my friends who do read the blog. Like right now I should be in bed but I got one of 3 annis done for gifts. Can not show it as the lady reads my blog all the time!

    Oh well life has its challenges!


  2. I have only one 9-year-old child in my home to take care of now and you’d think I’d be able to keep up with her messes, but they STILL get out of hand. Yesterday when I was trying to vacuum and straighten up for 2 older siblings coming home, I kept finding messes… the attic….in her bath room….in her closet….in her brother’s room….ALWAYS in her bedroom. I was screaming before I was done ordering her around to help me.
    What IS it with my children???!!! Could I not have been blessed with ONE neat-nik?? Mostly I don’t care any more, but there are times when we must clean up. Sigh.

    By the way, I have a bag of Alum I could bring up. Do you want it? Take half.


  3. Sniff…..I forgot the Alum……along with the dog toys, Bethany’s suitcase (bag), the little bits of fleece I was going to bring up and try out on the drum carder, (do we just need to get one of those to share?) Sorry I didn’t make better lists of all the items I was supposed to remember. Thank you for giving your old t-shirt to the dog, your toothbrush to Bethany, and so much of your time to all of us!


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