In the way of themselves

Thanks again to mum for excellent pictures of her pretty fair isle. In a burst of inspiration last week, I started my matching sweater. And after two hours, this is how far I got:

The astute among you will notice this is a cast on row. A cast on row still in progress. As a hint, I started putting stitch markers every 50 stitches to keep track of my progress. And you see one stitch marker on that needle.

It took most of the time I had allotted for devoting to this project (watching Jared play the 7th episode of Star Trek: Judgment Rites – an excellent game I might add, if you get the later talkie version with all the original actors doing the voices) ripping out my swatch. That entire umbellical cord (see below) had to be untangled one color at a time, and it was a royal hassle. So the progress I have to show is not quite as dire a prediction for this project as it might appear.

See that mess? I had to untangle it all if I didn't want all the yarn that went into the swatch to be a write-off. I probably have way more yarn for this project than I actually need, but i'm not quite willing to bet the sweater on it for the sake of a couple tedious hours.

As mom suggested, having finished her ribbing already, there might be even more hope – she suggests that, at least during the corrugated ribbing section –

(If you’re wondering what corrugated ribbing is: it’s ribbing done in fair isle, with one color used on all the purls and one on all the knits. Mum’s work in the previous post is the quintessential example. I’m not sure what about this suggests the quality of corrugation, or what makes it more corrugated than regular ribbing [it’s less stretchy] but hey, I didn’t make up the name. I probably would have called it something forgettable but obvious like “fair isle ribbing.” But I’m the same girl who names her colors things like “Black Bean Blue.” No ambiguous, fictional adjectives for me.)

– At least during the corrugated ribbing section, this project might be highly portable. It’s very repetitive, and I’ll only be using two colors at a time, so that’s probably true enough. What’s making this project so unportable right now is that the next thing I need to do after casting on is make decisions about it. Namely, what colors to put into the corrugated ribbing. Not so easy, since I lost my crazy notes on the subject, kinda the opposite of what makes knitting convenient to do in class (requires no thinking).

The other thing that’s getting in the way of this project are… well… my other projects. As Steve Martin put it (quoted in the YH’s first book):  When your hobbies get in the way of your work – that’s OK; but when your hobbies get in the way of themselves… well…

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