Details on the finished Corrugated Rib

The Rib is done!  It was a blast to work on because:

1) I put one color in the right hand and knit it the overhand way and the other color in the left hand and use the continental way of knitting, and that makes the whole thing easy and fun.

2) I LOVE bright colors

Corregated rib, view 1

Corrugated Rib, view 2

I even will learn to spell “corrugated” eventually.  Sigh.  For those of you who paid attention to my sample, I did decide to double the rows on each of the colors of the rib, so it would be 3 1/4 inches.  Plus I tweaked with the colors again.  Every design is in flux until it’s done, right?

I had a little mishap with my puppy who I thought was THROUGH with getting into my yarn.  I used to have to keep everything zippered carefully away in a bag because he would play with and tear up any ball of yarn he found.  But eventually he started ignoring them, and I left my knitting out.  Alas, he found joy in playing with my pink ball the other day….I’m back to carefully zippering up.   At least he’s a gentle dog, and I’m always able to de-tangle and save the yarn.

Here are some details about the ribbing:

Rib with edge sts

This view shows the edge sts. on either side of the steek sts.  It seemed like the pattern was asking me to make edge sts. in the main background color.  So when I was finished with the cherry red, I wound a bunch onto a bobbin to edge that side of the knitting.  Then when I finished with the main red color, I wound a bunch of that onto a bobbin for the other side of the steek.  So each side of the front of my sweater will be edged with a slightly different color of red.   We’ll see if that turns out to be a good decision!  I’m not sure yet.  The bobbins are a bit of a pain to work around, but I might be glad in the end to have this edge stitch that shows up the front, near the opening.

Rib showing back details

This shows how I organized the end pieces as I changed colors.  I wasn’t supposed to weave them in, but instead just let them hang.  So I thought it might be nice to tie them together loosely.  It kinda works.

The rib is done now, and I also completed the increase row onto the bigger needles.  I am ready to start the body of the sweater.  Happy knitting to everyone out there working on challenging projects!

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