Bethany Getting Married

“Bethenny Getting Married?” is the name of a TV show that I caught 5 minutes of on Hulu that looks like it is not worth the bytes used to transmit it to me through the intertubes. However, “Bethany Getting Married” is a real and happy event (without a question mark) coming up next spring. My dear college buddy is tyeing the knot with her man (I totally called it about fifteen seconds after I met him, though I can’t claim to be the first), and I am making her a shawl as a wedding gift.

I had an enormo-skein of merino/silk lace in a sort of “diamond white” hanging about for just such a high purpose; it is Italian yarn purchased in London from an American. A little convoluted, but I like to think that the Italian connection to the groom’s heritage was some sort of sign to the yarn’s appropriateness. You know, along with it being white and lace.

Bethany has good taste, so of course she picked a shawl by – who else? Nancy Bush. It’s the “Triangular Summer Shawl” from Knitted Lace of Estonia.

(Note: It occurred to me that, should Ms. Bush ever grace this blog with her viewing time, she might be totally creeped out by how much of her stuff I knit. If you are out there Nancy, I promise I am not a stalker, nor am I creepily obsessed with your work! It’s totally just a coincidence that I am a anthropology nut of the participatory observation type, therefore richly enjoy historical/ethnic knitting, like almost all your patterns, and own most of your books, and am… systematically knitting my way through one of them… Er. I’ll just count on the fact that she probably won’t ever find this blog, and I don’t advertise my address on the internet, so it’s unlikely I could be delivered a restraining order. )

I was shocked when all 1500+ yards of lace balled up like a dream, so as soon I acquired a US4 circular, I was off and stitching. I am through the rather surprising border – never done lace in garter stitch before – and have started the body of the triangle. The first part of the lily-of-the-valley pattern is starting to come out, and I am entranced and very pleased by how straight diagonal lines on a chart turn into graceful arches when knitted. This will be a fun one.

4 thoughts on “Bethany Getting Married

  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had no idea that the yarn was Italian – how wonderful!

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! (did I already say that?)

    ooooh I’m just getting goosebumps over here =)


  2. Yep! “Grignasco.” Sounds Italy-rific to me. Italy like *the* place to go for the newest trends in textiles of all sorts. Way over my head, but I’m glad to benefit from it. Glad you like it so far!


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