How well do *you* know my husband?

August socks are ripping along with speed and facility:

I like guessing games, and I have a little guessing game for you this morning. At the beginning of this socky project, I had Jared flip through Folk Socks and pick out any pairs of socks that he wanted to be his. Somewhere along the line, the aspiration was added to my bucket list to knit each member of my family sufficient socks that they don’t have to wear factory-made socks unless they want to. I’m not sure how that happened, but it did.

These socks, Mamluke, were his first choice. This pattern has an interesting history that I’ve been telling anyone who doesn’t walk away when I start talking. These socks are made up of bands of fair isle patterns, and two of those bands contain the Cufic symbol for “Allah” in them.  Cool, right? Well, after the book was published, Nancy found out that the original socks from which she adapted this pattern were sleeping socks – never meant to be worn out of bed – because you aren’t supposed to stand on the name of Allah, which goes around both the heel and the foot. Various people have asked her to change or move the symbol, but some people have just switched it out for a symbol that was more meaningful to them.

So here is your job: Can you guess which symbol my husband wants on his socks? The colors are a hint.

5 thoughts on “How well do *you* know my husband?

  1. Bethany says:

    I’m going to guess St. George’s cross (red cross-white background) OR the Red Cross OR the communist hammer and sickle (ha ha).

    Can’t wait to see the final product


  2. Linda says:

    Bethany, that is such a good guess I’m going to agree with you. Because really I have no idea. I don’t know Jared very well. But I’m glad you do!!
    They looked Christmassy to me, so before seeing Bethany’s comment, I was going to guess Christmas balls.


  3. Jonica says:

    If it is not religious in nature maybe one of his gamer catachers. Umm spelling is really off for me!


  4. CC Z says:

    The top of the sock reminds me a lot of the DC flag. But I’m going to guess Jared wants a chi ro… or the cover of the book of common prayer. Or a computer chip.


  5. Jonica says:

    You mentioned he was Columbian. Does it have anything to do with his home country or culture????? Taking a wild stab in the dark about this!


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