New Day, New Deal

Apparently, this is my 200th post since I started blogging about knitting over a year ago. I’ve really enjoyed doing all of this knitterly blathering, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. (I hope, for your sake, that if you don’t like it, you’ve found something better to do with your time by now.)

But I signed in today with something to write about other than myself! Last night we went to the New Deal Cafe, a funky little restaurant in Greenbelt, for their open mic night. This place is awesome – very good Lebanese food (though I’m not clear on what that has to do with President Roosevelt) and lots of live & local music. Just being there makes me want to actually tap into the local music scene, as the few folks who played were quite good. Jared’s spent the past several months jamming with his coworkers, and this was their first gig together.

The group – temporarily named “Untitled Jazz Band” – sounded great! I really don’t get jazz, but something clicked in my head while there and I was able to follow it better than usual. And I get so proud of my hubby and his slick drum soloing!

After yesterday’s post, I focused intently on my sock, and miraculously finished over six inches on the thing in one day.

The results are pictured above with the last of my Dogfish Head IPA, which I don’t think messed with my tension too much. The bar at the new deal just happened to have this relatively local brew on tap, and they are my heroes right now.

Despite how demanding it is for a dyed-in-the-wool multitasker like myself, fair isle goes very fast, provided you work on it. I’m writing this post to dive into the heel flap. At first I had considered doing the heel and toe with white as the contrast color just because I was worried about running out of pink, but now I’ve gotten rather attached to the idea, and I think I would do it either way. But I am still very, very worried about running out of pink.

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