Nary a Glance

I realized today that it’s halfway through the month of July, and you’ve gotten nary a glance of Norway in July, the July socks in my odd little self-imposed sock club.

They are off to a good start! I am pleased with how the combination of colors looks, and the size seems like it’s going to work out. As there’s only one size in the pattern, size can only be controlled through needle size, yarn choice, and tension adjustments, so it’s a bit of a crap shoot. They are a little big, but they are going to be THICK, so I think it’ll work out in the end.

The rather unfortunate thing is that I took this picture over a week ago… and haven’t progressed more than a few rows since then. The only downside to this beautiful, fun, fair isle pattern is that I have to stare at every stitch. It’s not good for doing while talking to people or watching TV, and definitely not while reading.

But my distractions from the first half of the month are out of the way. With the World Cup Hoodie out of the way (it gets its victory washing tomorrow, when I do the rest of the laundry), and a certain other project nearly finished, I’ll make an attempt at monogamy to make some real progress on this sock. It’s worth it!

Above: Hanna, being thwarted by metal needles. Just try to eat these, cat! Although this morning she was biting my phone, so all bets are really off…

One thought on “Nary a Glance

  1. She is a cutie! My dogs have chewed thorugh several pairs of bamboo needles. one of the reasons I am now loving metal ones!

    The sock is beautiful. Saw it in the shop on wed and I can say that it is a great pattern. Still waiting on my books!



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