Norway in July

Thanks everyone for your kind comments yesterday. I’ll just leave it at that.

It’s hard to stick on your sadnesses when it’s the first day of July, the sky is blue and clear, and it’s 74 degrees outside (that’s degrees F; it’s 23 degrees C if there’s anyone reading this with their heads outside their butts I mean who aren’t American).

Obviously, it’s the perfect day to start knitting a pair of knee-length, double-thickness socks!

The Next of Nancy’s Nifty patterns is the Norwegian Stockings (rav link), another pair of knee-length socks, this time almost entirely covered in fair isle. Fair isle makes awesome patterns and a double-thickness fabric at the same time. It’s not hard to understand why this technique is mega popular in Scandinavia.

After a lot of internal debate on which yarn to use, I decided to act in the best interests of my wallet and go for the stash choice. Upside: no cost! Downside: if I run out, I’m screwed! The yarn in question is some solid-color sock yarn I picked up in South Africa almost exactly one year ago. It’s not quite normal to pick up solid-color sock yarn while yarn crawling on the other side of the world, but I had just bought this book, and knew I would use this yarn for one pair. Besides, it’s manufactured in South Africa! Had to bring back some representative workhorse yarn from that region. Legitimate souvenir yarn. Yea. That was totally my thought process. Mm hmm.

Making the main colors rose and dark plum is a bit of a risk, but I think they’ll look good together, and be quite different from all the other pairs of socks in this pattern that I’ve seen. The white, leftover Pace from the last project, will be the accent color, and I think will help quite a bit.

It only took five or so tries to cast on 84 stitches and wrestle my way around the first row in 2×2 rib. Not an auspicious beginning, but I can’t be anything but cheerful today as long as I keep looking outside. Outside and up.

One thought on “Norway in July

  1. WOW! those are some colorful socks! And the yarn story is great! Nothing wrong with picking up yarn from the other side of the world! I do like the colors but would love to see them in process. I loved the clockings and I am thinking of making a pair for myself in wildfoote by brown sheep company.


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