A Big Dang Problem

So I have been knitting… not much, but some. I have a finished sleeve on Jared’s alpaca, a sleeve that I am calling finished even though I haven’t decided what to do about a major error involving failure of forethought and requiring another two inches of knitting. I was all set to show it to you the other day, but I have a small problem. No, scratch that; I have a big problem. A friggin’ huge one.

I’ve… lost my knitting.

I know what you are thinking, because it is the same thing I am thinking. You are thinking, this chick knits practically every waking second of her life. She’s working on practically nothing else. How could she possibly LOSE her knitting?!

I know!

It’s not in the house. It’s not at my mom’s house, which is probably the last place I worked on it, though I may remember seeing it on Tuesday. It’s not in my car. It’s not at church. And it’s certainly not at work.

I was sure it would turn up sooner or later, but slowly, as I checked each possible hiding place, a terror has been growing in my bosom. Where is it? I have barely enough yarn for the project, never mind that it’s discontinued. And there were TWO pairs of needles in that project bag, one of them expensive.

During my slow journey from denial to abject shock and horror, I’ve been so dumbfounded that I haven’t found it in me to start anything else. I’m still waiting on beads for my shawl, so this means I have literally NO active projects. At work I’ve been reduced to working on Windowpane Sock 2 of 3, which is zipping along at a disconcerting pace. At home I’ve been reading stupid webcomics instead of knitting, probably in an effort to shut myself out emotionally from the possibility of this loss. I’ve been doing some spinning (including some really bad spinning – note to self: do not try to spin lace in the dark during an action movie after a beer) but not much.

So, um, yeah. My last place to check is at CSA on Wednesday, where it’s possible I was so distracted by my boss’s NEW DRUM CARDER that I flung the project bag out of my purse for absolutely no reason (as I didn’t need my purse and i don’t knit while I’m there). I maintain a glimmer of hope.

And if that hope is extinguished… well, I cannot vouch for my behavior in that eventuality. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I am impressively absent minded. I lose crap all the time. Three times out of four, when I leave work I have to turn around and come back in to get something I forgot. Jared’s had to turn around on the way to work more than once because I left my keys in the cupholder of his car. If a door has a light associated with a state of openness (especially if the bulb is difficult to replace or is very energy inefficient) I will leave it open at least once a week. I can’t remember what I’m looking for by the time I get up to look for it, and spend whole minutes fruitlessly rooting around in cupboards before I realize that I don’t even know what I’m doing. You’d think I’d suffered some kind of brain injury the way I forget stuff.

But losing my knitting? Folks, this doesn’t happen to me.

Except apparently, it does.

*sigh.* If you’re Catholic, say a prayer to St. Anthony for my little alpaca sleeve. If you’re not, and I’ve seen you within the last two weeks… check all the cupholders in your car/house.

2 thoughts on “A Big Dang Problem

  1. I have lost an entire afghan. Trust me I still do not know how it was done. I put it in a bag and the needles were in the bag along with the pattern and notes on the pattern and where I was. (somehow when I first started I was very organized!) Then we had to move really quick due to flooding. Then I forgot all about it. Fast forward 5 years later. We are in the new house and unpacking and I find the afghan 3/4ths finished.

    Then there was the time I lost my knitting bag! An entire knitting bag on the metro due to the fact that my sister was throwing a fit on the subway. All my needles and hooks along with current projects (one was to be a gift that I was almost done!) and my wallet. Trust me the kids never did that again. They were really sorry but they did not like the dark.

    So I can feel for you. Will be in cloverhill really really early and get you your beads. I will be by the door at 10 am for ya girl!


  2. I looked around the house again, under the couches, behind the big cushions…but all I found was a lost slipper. It does seem odd to lose something that big. Hugs!


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