In like a lion, out like an… icicle?

The first week of May it was so hot that the unshorn sheep at the festival were being frickasee-d in their own skin. Two weeks later, everyone in the same zip code is pulling out their sweaters and raincoats and layering up, because it’s COLD outside. This is good for me, though, because it means both (a) all the sweaters I just unpacked and (b) the sample hat I just made are not completely useless.

Yarn: Pattern: Capucine, by Adela Illichmanova. Big Merino from Fleece Artist, exactly 1 hank. To customize, I dropped the cast-on number down to 80 stitches and I slipped the first stitch purlwise of each row to make a nice edge. When the hat part was done, I divided the remaining yarn in half to make tassels. The tassels were made by wrapping yarn around a knit-chek, tying one end, cutting the other end, then wrapping just below the tie.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a complete and utter SUCKER for earflap hats, ESPECIALLY if they include something dangling from the earflaps?! This was just something to keep me busy at work, since none of my other projects are work-friendly, but quick little projects like this are like crack. I might have to make one for myself, since I can probably finish it before the one more day of cold weather this year. Thanks, May, for being totally weird!

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