Yarn Sale Gauntlet of Dooooooom!

Hidden among the hills and fields of central Massachusetts…

Is a magical place for you and me. It is called WEBS.

(I do not know why it is capitalized. I don’t think it stands for anything. Maybe because they have a big WEBSite.)

WEBS is, I think, the biggest yarn store in the states. At least the biggest one that is not JoAnns or something. They have more or less everything from all of the major big handknitting yarn companies, and some smaller stuff as well. In this picture Jared is being impressed by something. We did not buy it.

I really wanted to buy some of the ashland bay roving. Pure undyed roving from everything from cashmere goats to the mysterious animal that produces sparkle nylon stuff.

They had some more unusual things as well, as seen above. But what really makes you kind of ill is the “back room.” ooohhh.

We quietly browsed and oohed and aahed and eventually realized that pretty much everything back here was on stupidly cheap sale. I went catatonic for a minute in front of the cheapity-cheap sock yarn. It was in front of the handpainted DK suri alpaca that Jared said “holy crap we have to get out of here.”

We managed to get out of there with only a couple of sweaters worth of yarn, and most of my sheep & wool budget intact. I am still a little bit in shock. I have survived WEBS. It is awesome. I think I still have a soul. Let’s never go there again.

3 thoughts on “Yarn Sale Gauntlet of Dooooooom!

  1. “the mysterious animal that produces sparkle nylon stuff” – I don’t know why, but this really cracked me up. I just LOVE reading about your yarn adventures Rebecca!!! 🙂 And cashmere? mmm…YES PLEASE! I own nothing cashmere, it’s too expensive. How do you resist buying the yarn?! I’m guessing it’s expensive too?


  2. How do I resist buying the yarn? Two ways: First, by not resisting. I buy one small thing so I can say I bought something and be less tempted by everything. Second, by the awareness that by not buying now, I’ll have more money for the sheep & wool festival. less yarn now more yarn later. 😀


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