Sordid Confessions

Dear Evenstar:

We’ve been having such a lovely time together that I really feel obligated to offer you an explanation for my complete abandonment over the past few days. You’d think, after being so exclusively devoted to you, that I could wait a few measly days in between finishing your fifth clue and waiting for your sixth. But honey… a woman has needs. So I have to tell you… there’s someone else.

Yes, it’s 100% alpaca. Discontinued Araucañia Atacama. I did wait a full five minutes after tucking you back into your trusty ziplock, clue five complete, before casting this on. I’d say it was an unpremeditated affair, that it swept over me with a passion I couldn’t resist, but that would be a lie. I’d already swatched.

This new project, a sweater for Jared, was my companion for our three day tryst on the campus of Gordon Conwell Seminary on the north shore of Massachusetts. (You will no doubt point out the irony of using a visit to a seminary as an occasion for infidelity. I can’t argue with you.)

We visited the LYS attendant to the seminary. They seem to have a thing for little fuzzy shawl kits.

We resisted these, though (saving money for Sheep & Wool is a wonderful restrainer).

It came along for a beer with the Anglican students at the seminary.

We spent some time on the north shore.

And, of course, visited downtown Boston.

We went together to visit one of Jared’s good friends, who seems to really understand making things. Here my new companion hangs out with Mike’s project – he’s building a CD player from scratch. You know how I make wonderful things out of nothing but sticks and string? Mike & Jared make things out of electrons.

I finished the body of the sweater – not a feet to sniff at – before we left Massachusetts, and I was well back into  your loving stitches, working on clue 6, by the time we made it to Connecticut. I hope you understand that I really needed a project I didn’t have to concentrate on while attending meetings and luncheons and seminars and classes. I just can’t take you with me everywhere, so you really can’t expect me to be totally faithful. I only hope you won’t retaliate by spontaneously combusting halfway through your beaded border.

yours with integrity, if not fidelity – Rebecca.

(To see the rest of my boston pictures – I got rather trigger happy – click here.)

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