Moving Lists

I cannot believe it! We are actually moved! Not only have we moved the big furniture, which I was crossing my fingers and hoping we would have moved by the end of the day today, but everything is moved; some furniture is actually assembled! I am stunned and thrilled to death. Our friends are totally amazing.

We did succeed in finding my camera in all the mess, but made a strategical error of misplacing the card reader that makes the pictures go magically to the computer. I could take pictures on my phone and email them to myself, but we do not have a data plan, and I am cheap. So instead, I give you all the things that have been running through my head all day, in that oh-so-conducive-to-blogging form: lists.

* * *

Random stuff I learned about moving, and about life, from moving.

1. Be careful when you order extra of something, thinking “oh, I might as well; I’ll run out eventually.” Stash it in a logical place. Otherwise, when you run out of the first item/tube/can/jar, you will order more without using your extra. This is a good way to end up with two extra tubes of face wash, three toothbrushes, and five large boxes of tampons – that you won’t find again until you move.

2. You should make sure you know where certain things are when you are moving, like for example – toilet paper. bedsheets. all the pieces of your bed. merlot.

3. Speaking of which, both merlot and plain ripple-cut potato chips act as excellent calming agents. Though the culinarily sensitive among you will not put these together.

* * *

Top four things I will miss about the old place:

4. The Taqueria on wheels (I always imagine it is on wheels to more speedily escape the FDA. But the food is groood).

3. Walking to the movie theatre.

2. Convenient location between two health/organic food stores and a Trader Joe’s.

1. The cherry trees. No matter what else I could say about our apartment complex, they have excellent landscaping.

* * *

Top ten things I will not miss about our old place.

10. Having to send detailed directions a page long to anyone visiting for the first time, thanks to having an address that no mapping system can actually correctly lead you to.

9. Linoleum. Old, peely linolium.

8. Being propositioned on the walk to the library by men drinking something out of a brown paper bag.

7. A streetlight outside our bedroom window that even blackout curtains do not block out.

6. Knowing all the spots to get drugs in my neighborhood.

5. Ants. I know, they exist other places. But I will let myself hope that they are not here.

4. Getting shafted by the corporate rental real estate system. I know the people at the leasing office are not themselves tools, and aren’t in control of what the higher-ups have them do, but you can only get misled and ill-used so many times before you get a little bitter.

3. Getting towed. Halethorpe is like car prison… or car purgatory. Or wallet purgatory.

2. A notable lack of COLD water. That’s right – most mornings, we had to let the the shower run for 10 minutes before it was not burn-inducing. This was even more inconvenient when rinsing naturally dyed yarn:  hot water would both burn my hands and dull the colors I’d worked so hard for. I felt so wasteful having to repeatedly let the water run and run to get five minutes of cold water before it overheated again…. but what can you do? I can’t even figure out how this is even possible!

1. Upstairs neighbors who have multiple children under age 2 and who like to vacuum past 10 p.m.

* * *

My awesome friends, in order of appearance. Thank you to:

0. The Osborn brigade, who I know would have been present if you could have, but who kindly donated their vehicles to the cause.

1. Janie, for working so hard on something I know you so do not like, showing up early, and bringing donut holes! Which have been renamed “munchkins” for unfortunately obvious reasons. What a world we live in. Oh well – they had sprinkles.

2. Brad, for moverly expertise and diligence of the first order! No messing with military kids in this category. Also – the couch.

3. Fjord, for reading out loud the world’s best complaint letter. Also, for wry humor and random references to indie music.

4. Zerg, for being great and also from California! Also – the couch.

5. Leah, for working super-hard, particularly when no one was looking, and despite incurring minor toe injuries.

6. Dad, for sneaking in to help last-minute and being patient with all our slownesses.

7. Emory, for owning a very large vehicle, and for having an interesting story about everything.

8. Gwen, for absolutely tireless effort despite allergy headachiness, and for making food appear wherever you go.

10. Mom, for the Lasagna Of Ages, thoughtful packing & unpacking of kitchen stuff, and wiping the wall behind the sink at our old place. I’m pretty sure I have never done that.

10.5. Bethany, for climbing on cars covered in pollen and giving a really great hug. Hope to actually spend time with you soon!

11. Rachel, for being a tireless cheerleader, and making sure I stay at least somewhat in touch with how I’m actually doing.

And of course to Jared, who is optimistic enough about life in general to have actually been looking forward to this whole thing. I’ve been so fixated on the fact that we’re leaving our first home together that it’s only now, seeing all our stuff in this new space, that I realize that it is actually exciting to get to make a new home together again.

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