Labels printed, cut, and folded; I’m in the midst of attaching them to yarn. Cross your fingers; maybe I’ll finish tonight!

On a totally different note, I’ve been wanting all week to tell you about our Birthdaycation! My husband in his prodigious wisdom, decided to take me away somewhere for peace and quiet to get away from all the incoming madness. So here are some pictures of day 1, which was spent entirely on Kent Island. That’s a little island on the other side of the bay bridge, quietly hanging out in the Chesapeake Bay. The pictures are smallified so as to be less annoying to scroll through.

Points if you notice what’s missing from these pictures.

The night before we left, at our crazy Easter party. Our guests were great sports, even though Jared won AGAIN.

We left early the next morning. Historic Stevensville in the middle of Kent Island, everything closed for Easter Monday but still quite cute. And historical.

Some Romney hanging out next to a building labeled “Ye Olde Church House.” Tune in tomorrow to find out why I know they are Romney.

On a long hike across the Cross Island Trail. You can just see one of the towers of the bay bridge in the distance.

I didn’t know how incredibly warm and beautiful it was going to be, so I packed quite minimally. As a result, I returned from this beautiful hike with a forehead to stop traffic.

The view of Kent Narrows from our 4th-floor hotel room.

Figured it out yet?

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