Heavyweight Club

As an update: my finger is fine, though like a nice little hypochondriac I went to the doctor to have it checked. (I’m giving myself a bit of leeway in this area, as I understandably am rather heavily invested in the long-term function of my hands.) The milk and cheese spent the day under the passanger’s seat in my car (smacks forehead), but through some miracle of being organic or something, they are still usable (though the milk tastes just a leeetle bit like buttermilk). So all’s well that ends well?

The yarns are named, and I’m endlessly thankful for your brilliant (and highly alliterative!) suggestions. I will do prizes soon, probably tomorrow maybe?

For today, here are the last of my new yarns to introduce you – the heavyweights in the band (though that’s not saying much).

This is a lot of Second Chance DK in Pokeberry Bicolor. Because it was dyed over a light tan yarn, it turned out quite different. I didn’t know there could be such a thing as an autumnal fuscia, but there it is. This is about 60% wool, 40% acrylic, and the acrylic makes it shiny! Oh, and all the Second Chance DK yarns have 200 yards in a skein, if you’d like to know.

This is another DK, in the green color I decided yesterday to call Sprout Sage. You can see why with this skein; yesterday’s lace is a little brighter, but I’m pretty sure the color above is what I’ll get consistently when dyeing on a neutral base. This lot has a lot of angora and wool in it, so it is fuzzy and oh so soft.

Now we’re up to Second Chance Worsted, the heaviest yarn I’m got. Black Bean Blue on a very light base made a neat steely light blue, that i’ve actually got a decent amount of (11 skeins). This might be the only recycled yarn I have that there’s enough of for an adult sweater! And, miraculously, it just so happens that all of my second chance worsted is 100% wool. This consistency is boggling me.

This is actually a yarn you’ve seen before, dyed in Black Walnut Brown from the fall. I reskeined it into the size that all the rest of my worsted ended up being, since I figured out that I could make consistent skein sizes if I want to! So this, and all the rest of the worsted, are 95 yards a skein. Not a lot, but good for a hat or some colorwork or something.

There, I’m done showing off! Now you just have to come and see it in person.

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