Make your own pre-stinky socks!

I wanted to go outside today and take pretty pictures of spring springing all around our apartment. But, as she is wont to do, March screwed us over with a day that looks like this.

Wet. Yuck. But not that cold, so I’ve got the screen door open and a fan blowing on skeins of turmeric yarn, which I cannot for the life of me get to stop smelling like some combination of chicken curry and feet. And I’m still wearing a tee shirt. So I guess I can’t complain too much.

I’ve been spending the day inside, where my kitchen at present looks like this:

This is – and I can hardly believe i’m even saying it – the last of my dyeing before the sheep and wool festival. Yet another stage of this crazy process checked off the list! Don’t think I am home-free yet, though – I still have to let all these suckers cool, then spend hours hunched over a sink rinsing them, then after they dry, spend more hours hunched over a ball winder and swift re-skeining them. But I’m still excited. I’ve been experimenting with turmeric and black bean together, and I’ve been getting some weird colors. What does this make you think of?

After leaving this rusty cesspool of barf to cool, I made myself an egg salad sandwich and moved on with my day. (I love egg salad. Egg salad sandwiches are the only reason I own a jar of sweet relish. And it’s the same jar of sweet relish that I bought two years ago. Apparently I don’t love egg salad enough to make it very often.)

Here are some more immediately attractive colors, draining and cooling on the wet balcony. (I finally got something kind of resembling green! hooray!) Here’s hoping that the dampness of the day causes my landlords to keep their heads down and not look up towards my balcony, as it is apparently now against some regulation somewhere to have anything on your balcony other than plants. So we moved our bikes into our office, where they take up room and make me very irritated… and I left my nasty dead tomato plants right out on the railing. But now that yarn has joined them – yarn that, while I love it, is not worth a fine – I hope very much that no one has cause to look out from their umbrellas today.

So… anyone know a good cure for the smell of turmeric?

6 thoughts on “Make your own pre-stinky socks!

  1. When you rinse them you could try putting some kind of essential oil into your rinse water? But then you might get turmeric-lavender smell (or whatever) and I’m not sure if that would be an improvement.


  2. Shoot when we were living in apts with a balcony we always had stuff on the balcony! When and where did that one come into play?? I always thought if you pay the rent it is yours for the time being.


  3. I know, right?! You’d really think so. But we got a notice a couple of weeks ago that, for aesthetic purposes, we weren’t allowed to have anything out there except for plants. I think it’s probably because we’re on the pool side of a very prominent building that people will notice if we’ve got a bunch of crap out there. But what if we wanted to have some chairs out there? To enjoy the patio? It is more than a glorified flower box!


  4. I am rolling my eyes! Just getting clue 2 started and it looks so good so far. Well when you move to Ellicott City you can enjoy the weather outside really well!


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