Pass the small paper bag

My sanity is, overall, recovering. Thanks for the votes of sympathy. (For the record, the whining did help. A little.) Procrastination is, at this point, very much my friend. That and craigslist. Anyone want to take a giant desk away from me?

It’s gigantic! It’s pretty! It has drawers! Great for lots of things! It just can’t be mine anymore! Take it from me, or else I’ll be forced to clear all of the crap off of it in order to take a good enough picture of it to sell it online!

I’m through clue 2 of Undómiel (my name for my Evenstar Knitalong shawl), and am blistering through clue 3. My goal is to get through the remaining 12 or so rows of this clue before clue 4 comes out, in another 6 days. My hopes are high… It’s amazing what happens when you just work on one or two things at once. They get done.

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