One day every year, either in March or April (depending on the longitude in my current residence), a day dawns that totally changes everything. A day on which the temperature breaks 56 degrees F, and I can consider going outside without even bringing a coat. On that day, I suddenly remember that the outdoors is not a clever holograph painted on the inside windows of my house and my car, but a place I might like to walk around in. I suddenly feel like a human being, and am recalled to a sense of joy in life that hibernated with the bears. Little purple or white buds begin to poke up underneath the bare oak trees, and my heart wants to burst. Spring is coming!

That morning dawned on Sunday, when I took Serra for a walk in Central Park.

Turns out a circular shawl can be worn multiple ways: folded in half so all of the lace innards show and draped over the shoulders in a traditional shawl-y way; scrunched up and thrown around the neck like a gigantic cowl (shown below); ditto but around 90 degrees for an extra degree of funkiness, or over the head like a hood. That’s a lot of fabric, and the weight of the beads means it stays in place most ways I arrange it.

But nothing beats flinging it out into the breeze to glory utterly in its circularity.

I haven’t yet figured out an intelligent way to wear it like that, though. Let me know if you come up with any clever ideas. I would wear it over my head over some white gauze to best show off the effect, but I don’t think any amount of being able to demonstrate my stitching is worth looking that creepy.

Added bonus: the weight of the beads also makes this garment into an excellent flail.

Perfect Big Apple garment: useful for high fashion and self-defense.

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