Diary of a Snow Day, Part Deux

Saturday, February 6th, 15:35 hours: Dear Blog, we finally got out of the house. Our “benchmark” was still there, if only barely.

Time for a more reliable measurement. We don’t actually own a yardstick, so I got clever with my measuring tape, scotch tape, and my tube of blocking wires.

The verdict:

Rather speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Jared uncovers the license plate to verify that we are, in fact, digging out my car.

Don’t misunderstand, we weren’t trying to get anywhere. We tried to get inside because my snow gloves were in there… but the door is in fact frozen shut.

Since the car is failing in its primary use, Jared decides to use it as a snow throne.

It’s hard to believe that the sledding hill is still untouched. We can see in the distance that Whiteacre appears plowed, but as we cannot say the same of our parking lot, there’s not much hope of us getting to that nicely plowed road any time soon.

Not having a sled ourselves, and with my fingers freezing in their weenie non-snow-ready gloves, we head back inside. I am torn between taking another turn at Super Mario Galaxy and immolating the game disk in its case. Being a glutton for punishment, I’m going to opt for the latter.

17:00 hours: I’m putting down Mario before I give myself a migrane. Time to plant another crop of Farmville strawberries.

18:00 hours: Finally, it’s a reasonable hour to pull out the chemical calming agents. Jared makes us Irish Coffee while i juice the rest of the CSA oranges. We shall have no dearth of Vitamin C this week. Together we’re sitting down to watch Hero, a favorite movie of mine that I picked up from the library in a moment of wisdom last week.

20:00 hours: I can’t believe it! I’ve finished the knitting on my commission. Now only the weaving in is left, which I shall enjoy mightily. That plus a lovely movie put me in an excellent mood as we sit down to beans and rice. Watching a movie set in China makes me feel a little better about my habit of climbing into chairs and sitting on my knees.

21:39 hours: While I harvest Farmville strawberries again, Jared has been playing the same level of Super Mario Galaxy for about 45 minutes now. If something speeds up your heart rate, does that make it a workout? Probably not if you’re left a gibbering idiot on the other end, trying to convince your wife that your video game system was named after the male reproductive organ.

21:46 hours: Jared finally beats “Luigi’s purple coins.” Is heard praising Jesus and crying with joy. I think it’s time for more calming agents.

23:15 hours: We’ve managed to resist the calming agents, and I can hardly believe it – my commission is finished! Totally finished. All ends woven in. There may be time left for a photo shoot before we collapse with sleepiness.

Sunday, February 7th, 08:30: We’ve finally hauled ourselves out of bed. Still no word on whether the shop will be open today. We know we’re not obligated to show up at church today, but… it’s worth a try.

09:05 hours: Well, if we’re to have any chance of digging ourselves out and getting to church, this would be the time to start.

As we don’t own a shovel, this sight doesn’t make us terribly optimistic.

But, about halfway through our feeble attempts to push snow away from the car with kicks and shoves, a neighbor volunteers to lend us a shovel. I watch Jared shovel until it occurs to me that I can get to the scraper in the trunk to contribute a bit.

Jared climbs in to take a shot at exiting our space,

And succeeds!

Snowhawk and all, we in our Accord (his name is Otto, no matter how much Jared tries to deny it) meander through the streets of Columbia. Our neighborhood is actually in pretty good shape,

Although 29 is more or less deserted. It makes me feel rather excited to be out and about, remembering Little House on the Prairie and the days when traveling was actually difficult all the time.

We can’t say the same of Catonsville. 40 is covered in a foot of slush, and Rolling road is pretty, but perilous.

After a brief detour to make sure the roof of the yarn shop hasn’t caved in, and to check the plowing situation in the parking lot, we make it alive to church, about 15 minutes late… to join the 5 other parishioners.

11:30 hours: Church was lovely. Out of the 8 people present, 2 are the pastor and his wife, and 4 are on the worship team. In other words, the music was good and the sermon was short. We’re the only ones present who don’t live in Catonsville.

That makes us feel rather good about ourselves, and we’ve just received word that the yarn shop is closed today for sure, so we might see if we can’t find somewhere to treat ourselves to lunch.

12:20 hours: Jared wanted to stop by Radio Shack anyway, so how about the mall? We try Chipotle – closed for another 10 minutes. Okay, Radio Shack first. Turns out Radio Shack has moved to the other end of the mall. At the other end of the mall, Radio Shack (along with half of the other shops) is closed. Okay. We entertain ourselves by visiting the AT&T store to see if I can’t upgrade my phone. Turns out they don’t carry any of the free upgrade phones. Oh well. At least Chipotle’s open. 2 fajita burritos later, we waddle back to the other end of the mall to make sure Radio Shack is still closed. It is, so we waddle out of the mall… as usual, a little fatter and a little poorer, but feeling for once like we’ve earned our fast food.

13:12  hours: Turns out driving down a slush-covered, barely-plowed hill is a LOT easier than driving UP it. Thankfully, the parking lot is a veritable zoo of neighborliness, since everyone has come out from hibernation to try to dig their car out from 2.5 feet of snow (and the 2.5 their early-bird neighbor threw on their car when they dug out this morning). So, there are a lot of folks around who push us most of the way up the hill. It takes some doing, but we make it into a spot, and are little inclined to leave it for a while.

15:41 hours: I just realized that reading a blow-by-blow account of our day is probably about as interesting as watching paint dry. Probably less interesting, as drying paint has those lovely chemical fumes to add a little pleasant haze to the activity. The sun is out and shining with all its might, so if we don’t remain snow-hindered for too much longer, I won’t be surprised. Perhaps then I’ll recover from this cabin-fever-induced rambling, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled knitting obsession.

Here’s an idea: Tell me about your snowy adventures!

9 thoughts on “Diary of a Snow Day, Part Deux

  1. Well, we haven’t had any snow here in Seattle. It’s been a warm January with an average of 47 degrees (we still haven’t turned on our heat). Daffodils and certain flowering trees are already blooming. I miss the snow this year, though. I enjoyed your snowy account! 🙂


  2. Sitting here trying to tell myself that no one is going anywhere tomorrow so why do I really have to go to bed???? The buses that serve Randallstown are shut down and may not resume until tuesday. We dug out of the house today and did a very good job until I got sick as a dog. Nothing stains snow like that! Yikes! Here is the kicker…we are getting another storm on tuesday and wednesday. I am looking around and thinking “Do I have enough yarn?”



  3. And here I thought Washington state was like, in the north and stuff. Yeah it’s 1:30 and we haven’t gone to sleep yet. Successfully had our non-superbowl party, though… and I think we’re finally videogamed out.


  4. Umm bad thing to happen when the videogames are no longer an option! I am slowly getting used to the idea that I may not get out for another week or two. Based on weather reports and the fact that the buses that serve my area are shut down for the unforseeable future….sigh….I need yarn and a day out. Would be more than happy to sit in the yarn store and knit. And maybe go out to eat if anything is open…. :;



  5. Yikes. Yeah there are buses in catonsville I think, but they are not running “regularly”, whatever that means. Are you far away? I’m about to go out and hit up olive garden; i hope they are plowed…


  6. Rebbie,

    That means not at all. The 77 and 10 are shut down until the roads are clear. Those are the two buses that serve Catonsville. The 77 is right near my home and that is out of the question. The 54 is only running up to the milford metro station and no where near Randallstown. I live near the Northwest Hospital. So I am just going to have to sit it out and wait. Let me tell you Hubs may not see me for a few days when I do get out! Right now I am being subjected to a sci fi show that seems to be a bit off. Dinosaurs and monsters coming through sparkly portals and killing humans and there is a branch of the british government that seems to be set up to deal with the monsters and dinosaurs coming into this time period on earth. Do not ask me I really do not know. My british shows that I normally watch on PBS are not on due to a fund raiser! We do not have cable but we do have netflix and I am about to tell the hubs to watch another series or something else. Shoot I would welcome a video game.


    ps. hope olive garden is open. Never been there but it looks so good on tv.


  7. Today (snow day #4, as I worked from home on friday in anticipation of snow), I read seed catalogs (did you know you can buy 20 carpenter bees in a can? Alive?!), went on a two-hour walk to check out TKPK in the snow, did a few dishes, played snow frisbee (excellent for practicing your dives), ate peanut butter-okra-fish soup, and ironed while watching season 2 star trek (a robot thinks Kirk is its mommy!)


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