Diary of a Snow Day

Friday, February 5th, 2009. 19:15 hours: It’s been a long, headachy day. We kept the shop open until 4:30, when the snow finally started sticking on the roads, and got a surprising number of customers up through 3 p.m. I suppose people are stocking up for the storm, just like at the grocery store, at which I heard there have been lines just to get in for the past day and a half. This storm had better be pretty impressive, what with all the hype it’s getting. Though I must say, the dopplar images of the storm have made me wonder if I shouldn’t just nip over to the quik-mart for another can of tomato soup.

20:00 hours: Got home, had a nice dinner, but still have a headache. I think we might have to find something fun to do that has to do with neither screens nor knitting. Yes, you heard me. We’re thinking about breaking open Seafarers of Catan, finally.

Saturday, February 6th. 07:00 hours: Definitely feeling better this morning; bright and chipper after a solid 8 hours of sleep. Can’t stay in bed; somehow the possibility of getting a record amount of snow is almost like Santa coming. It’s looking pretty good, though it’s hard to tell how much is really out there.

07:45: Jared is up. He points out that there are a couple of “benchmarks” for depth outside that we can see:

It’s a bench! Jared has started playing Super Mario Galaxy again. I’m going to go ensconce myself in our bedroom for a while to catch up on some journaling.

09:10: The shop certainly won’t be opening today; there’s nary a sign of plowing outside, so we’re certainly not going anywhere.

After a little bit of hard work, we’re treating ourselves to a [nearly] all-CSA breakfast. Breezy Willow Bacon, scrambled heritage eggs with CSA onions and organic cheese, bread from The Breadery, and CSA oranges put through the juicer. It’s spectacular. Nothing like good, solid fuel for… sitting around all day.

10:30: After only one episode of DS9, I’m already bored. This does not bode well. Jared’s sitting at the laptop, working on our taxes, humming songs from Super Mario Galaxy. I suggest to him that, as we’re not going anywhere for a while, he may wish to cease this activity for the sake of his own health. Definitely too early for hard liquor.

13:00: I’ve put in three hours so far on my commission today, and I think that might be enough. It’s not like my client is going to get it before Tuesday, anyway, and I’ve only got another 2 or 3 hours of work left on it. The bench is still visible, but not by much.

13:30: I knew I should have gotten that tomato soup. I want grilled cheese, and Jared is apparently allergic to any grilled cheese consumption without tomato soup. I get creative with a can of tomato sauce, milk, and Italian seasoning. Jared likes it. I do not, but at least I got my grilled cheese. Still too early for hard liquor.

15:00: I’ve resorted to playing Super Mario Galaxy until I start to get twitchy. Jared’s tipped over one of the speakers, pulled out a saudering iron, and is saying things like “Look, a network!” It might at least be time to pull out the apple wine.

15:25: I’m reduced to planting strawberries on Farmville. I try to remember how privileged I am to spend a blizzard torn between video games and knitting, rather than hungry or freezing and worried for my health. The snow’s lightened up considerably, and it looks like a few people have been by with shovels. Maybe I’ll go outside and play in the snow a little.

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