Cheering Up

Mondays are my day off. That should make today a day of relaxation and general cheerfulness. Unfortunately this has been dampened somewhat by a rather burdensome commission I decided to take on, for which I drastically underestimated the time commitment (or grossly overestimated my knitting speed). I’m not going to post pictures of it here; somehow that seems unprofessional, and not posting pictures of it will cut down on me whining about it, which would definitely be [more] unprofessional. But maybe I’ll put up pictures when I’m finished, if my client (I have clients. weird.) is agreeable.

Professionalism can only hold me back so much, however. I’ve been taking breaks from the big project, cheering myself up on this cold and quiet day, by knocking out a whack of pompoms.

[Americans: “A whack” is Canadian for “a bunch.” I’ve read so much Yarn Harlot archives that, in my twisted little brain, “a whack” has been transformed by context to have its semantic range isolated to “a bunch of little knitted things.” Seriously though, I was quite intrigued by the Wikipedia article on Canadian English.]

These pom poms are eNORmous. Seriously. like 4-5″ in diameter. When my client (I’m going to go on calling her that) came in asking for enormous pom poms on her hats, I may have briefly thought she was a couple of DPNs short of a sock set, but when you actually wear them… they kind of look awesome. So I’ve gotten into it – invested in a “Jumbo Pom Pom Maker” – and have been going to town.

The other bit of cheerfulness, that would make just about anyone cheerful, is that I sort of made out at the fiber swap at Cloverhill’s spinning night last Friday. I drew a pretty good number, and went home with 4 oz of Mohair batting, and also this:

That, my friends, is a beautiful blend of merino and silk. I’ve forgotten already where it came from (hopefully someone will remind me in the comments) but it’s more or less a dream that has been on my “I want to spin that someday” list since I started working on the shop. Thanks to the luverly Jen (who also sent me home with some books she was getting rid of; she’s like my spinning fairy godmother), it’s leapt up onto the very short “things on my bobbins” list. I am spinning it as fine as I possibly can to stretch out the experience, with the hope of getting a rather sizeable amount of laceweight out of 7 oz. Of course I’m nowhere near being able to spin lace; if I’m lucky I’ll get a heavy fingering that is any kind of consistent from beginning to end, but it’ll definitely be enough for something fantastic. It’s spinning up into this sort of shiny-denim thing that I’m getting a real kick out of, spinning it a little bit every day to bring some silky sunshine into my life.

Now that I have shared with you my happiness, it’s nose back to the grindstone. Don’t expect to see anything interesting from me for a while, as this commission HAS to get done by the ravelympics. (We’ll ignore, for the present, the creation of a knitting deadline for the sake of starting more deadline knitting.)

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