On the Eighth Day of Christmas

I knitted for my sis:

A wee baby dog whose whole body is a head! Figured that could only be the next step from her current obsession, Littlest Pet Shop, where 95% of all animals’ body mass is head. Why not go the rest of the way? Pattern: Improvised, but shamelessly ripped off Susan Morishita’s crochet Mighty Mutts Pattern. (I have made it this far in my career without every paying for a stand-alone pattern. I’ll see how far I can get). Yarn: stuff I found in the nooks and crannies of my stash. Probably mostly acrylic. Stuffed with acrylic fiberfill. Sorry, the world; bamboo stuffing was not cheap.

Things I’ve learned from this project:

1. Toys are so fun and cute!

2. Wood is not a good material for size 2 needles. I will break them without compunction.

3. There are some things for which it is probably better to crochet.

4. Bethany loved it! And totally made my day when, awhile after opening it, it was chucked across the room by someone to make way for more stuff, and Bethany said “Hey be careful with that!” I said, “It’s okay, it’s probably indestructible unless you set it on fire.” And she replied, “I know, but it’s handmade!” Smiles. Someone is bringing that kid up right.

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