On the Sixth Day of Christmas

I knitted for my friend,

A scarf so manly, it’s not even soft.

(Again, forethought in the face of great, discontinued yarn, found while on vacation. Really not a skill I’ve acquired.)

This scarf and I came perilously close to major, major tragedy.  I was entranced by the pattern, Building Block scarves out of this year’s Interweave Holiday Knits. Instead of knitting the scarf from one end to the other, or even one side to the other, you cast on the entire outside edge of the scarf. That’s like 600 stitches. Then you join the ends, and knitting in the round, decrease at strategic points to make mitred ends.

You know that instruction in all knitted-in-the-round projects: “Join, being careful not to twist?”

You’re probably way ahead of me.

As the YH has pointed out, the likelihood that one will twist the join accidentally is directly proportional to the number of stitches cast on, and inversely proportional to the likelihood that said twist will be noticed before the project is almost done.

AS I WAS BINDING OFF. I notice the twist. Completely screwed.

I am not a perfectionist. I hate knitting things over again. I have a sewing machine. I know how to steek. and I have no scruples.

The scarf has a small seam in the middle crossing one half of the scarf’s twist.

Things I learned from this projects:

1. Sometimes my sanity is more important than fixing my mistakes “properly.”

2. No kittens have died as a result of me embracing point #1.

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