On the Fifth Day of Christmas

I knitted for my friends,

Earflap hats in Tigers colors!

I am the baseball Uruk-Hai.

My pastor’s family (wife and twin teenage boys) like the Tigers a LOT. Enough that when a shipment of Austermann Murano came into the shop, and one ball was white, blue, and yellow, I figured that they’d probably wear their colors on clothes that would never work during baseball season. Needles were size 11, and pattern was the Camo Earflap Hat from Knitty Gritty.

Things I learned from this project:

1. Murano is amazing. I got three adult-sized hats, earflaps and all, out of ONE BALL OF YARN. Add to that the fact that it is super-soft and fun to work with, and that it is super-cool watching how the stripes work out differently over the different hats, and well… I have a hard time understanding how you could do anything else with this yarn.

2. Knitting a hat on size 11 needles takes about an hour. Talk about instant gratification. It takes longer to weave in the ends than to knit the crown. So next time a sweater on size 4s is getting me down, I know where to turn.

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