Lil’ Brownie got a special treat this weekend: It was the knitting of choice for the Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, MD. This week (as it always seems to be when we go) was Oktoberfest, with the usual (extra) emphasis on beer and Germany. He was treated to all the usual sights.

The wrapping of the may-pole (though I suppose it was more of a harvest-pole).

Airborne acrobatics next to the coin shop.

The bubble faeries.

But after watching King Henry VIII ride in on his horse in the morning, it was making an awful fuss about meeting His Majesty. So I succumbed.

King Henry asks, “Am I unraveling it?”

Princess Anne (to the left of the king) admired Lil’ Brownie greatly, and the king stated that he has been asked to hold many things in his days, but never a sock! Lil’ Brownie got so puffed up at that I could barely fit him back in my bag. But the pastry was taken when the fine lady next to Princess Anne asked, “Wilt thou post thy portrait on Ravelry?”

And of course, when the king called out as we left, “Is this the beginning of Socktoberfest?”

The king’s blessing was evident for the rest of the day, as the sock remained in a very good mood. He got to witness the traditional gnawing of the turkey leg

Before being measured for the length while we watched Shakespeare’s Scum.

After we made our purchase for the day – a belt for me, bracers (with celtic crosses on them) for Jared, and tankards with straps for us both, the remaining sock yarn found an even more convenient stowing place while we watched our second Hack and Slash show of the day.

The day met a fitting and knitterly end when, after watching a glassblowing demonstration (that’s the master beside his wares; those pumpkins tickle me terrifically!)

I was well met by the lovely Kim.

She is working with Koigu (I covet!) on baby socks. She is a peach, and perhaps we’ll be blog-pals.

If you’re worried that I’ve been gone for a week and have nothing to show for it but one finished sock (I know you are), I have been working on other things that have been growing interestingly. And I’ve been scheming with every bit of spare time I can spare, but the process pictures are very boring. Oh, and does anyone have 10k of investment capital that they’re just DYING to drop into a yarn/spinning/dying/knitting/knitwear shop to open at renn fest? Our business plan needs work (we were at a pub sing writing it down on a steno pad with a highlighter) but, given the number of knitters we discovered at the fair (I didn’t even tell you about all of them), it’s totally feasable.

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